unistar dx

recently i have had troubles with the splined cranks on my unistar dx. the bolt that actually screws into the hub keeps coming undone. i have tried locktite, i have cranked on it with a big allen wrench. does anyone know what i can do, or have had this problem before?

My friend has that problem right now. This might be where duct tape comes in handy…

This is the third time I have heard of the problem in the past two days.

I have three Torker DX’s, my brother has one, and my friend has one, but I’ve never seen that problem before.

Are the threads stripped out or anything? Thats all I can think of that would cause the problem. If so, there’s not much you can do…

Does the crank wiggle?

no the bolt isn’t stripped it just comes unscrewed on the left side.
and no it doesn’t wiggle. hello it is a splined crank.

Yeah, it’s a splined crank which has some sort of problem or damage, so it’s conceivable that it might wiggle?

but it isn’t damaged. the bolt just keeps coming loose.

Is the saddle turned in the wrong direction? The pedals have a r for right and an l for left. Make sure that their on the correct side.Your pedals would be coming loose also though so I doubt this is your problem. Just a thought.

no the saddle is in the right direction. i used to have the same problem with the bolt on the right side but then i put some locktite on it. it fixed it. but when i did that to the one on the left side it fixed it for about a week but then it started happening again.

Splined cranks can wiggle when loose.

i did not know that. that has never happened in my experience.