Unistan starts on Monday

It’s been a long time coming, but the Uzbekistan Unicycle Tour finally kicks off on Monday.

Most of the riders are flying out to Tashkent this weekend, and some have already arrived. The first leg of the trip will take them to the shores of Lake Tuzkan for the first, of several days, camping.

We’ll update the website every day we have internet access: http://unistan.adventureunicyclist.com/


Hey Ken, sounds like another great uni tour! Out of curiosity, why did you choose Uzbekistan? I don’t know much about this little-known country.How many riders are signed up, and how did they find out about the ride? Do you have a mailing list that you send to a select group?

I believe Uzbekistan was chosen because the next unitour was supposed to be in a “stan” and Uzbekistan is a relatively safe place to travel to compared to other “stans”. When I told people I was going to Uzbekistan, I commonly got a comment about how safe it is to go there, and once they actually looked into it, they found it to not be a problem like they thought. My fiancee’s father had that first impression, and then looked it up and then asked her why she wasn’t going with me.

I just read the wiki article about Uzbekistan, and although they say it’s “generally safe”, they also say, "the US State Department has strongly discouraged travel to Uzbekistan by American citizens. " and, “The areas of Uzbekistan bordering Afghanistan should be avoided for all but essential travel.” (Scroll down to “Stay Safe” for the full report.)

Hmmm… Did you know about Kazakhstan? It is quite safe here :smiley:
And you can ride as much as you want around. For example in our Mangystau region is 362+ holly places. They all looks very interesting. Other regions looks different - trees and mountains. Kazakhstan is big…

Anyway I would like to join but my mean work shift is from 7th October till 4th November… May be next time I’ll be lucky.

Good luck to all of you and have fun!!! Will someone report on the go?

I have pretty much decided I am not going to sleep tonight as I should be leaving for the airport in 4 hours and I have lots of time to sleep on the planes.

I will be carrying a GPS tracker/comunicator. You can see our progress and send messages through this site I have unlimited messages for the month so I would be glad to relay them for other riders if anybody wants.

Bruce, Sean and I are on an overnight stopover in Seoul. We’ll be taking the evening flight to Tashkent.

Don’t have enough time to get the unis out unfortunately :slight_smile:

Really, not all the “stans” are dangerous. E.g. there are some -stans in Russia also (republics in Russian Federation). We had the first russian national contest and convention last August in Tatarstan. It was very safe and friendly to riders. Even locals liked our event.

You can contact russian unicycling community before travelling to -stans.

As I know, Uzbekistan is safe now, so it’s not a problem to have a journey. But I never recommend a single girl to walk across that countries. Natives have their own culture and point of view.

Some password is needed to enter your site.

Password: Unicyle

The password is “unicycle”

Unistan 2013: Unicycling the Silk Road, Uzbekistan

Here is our Unistan slideshow.

Everything from desert, to mountains and snow, to ancient cities.


Very cool video! (I’m training now for the next one in Nepal! Hope I’m up to it by then!)

im intrested in doing some things like this, so can I ask a few questions please,
1 when is the next one,
2 can people from the UK join
3 whats the price
4 whats the distance/ how many days

Cheers in advance

i think there may be quite a number of people clamouring to get to nepal (myself included), now i need to find some hills to practice on…

what sort of uni setup is recommended given that the amount of ascent and descent mentioned on a bike tour of the circuit goes over 1000m per day on some days

  1. It will be in 2015. Date to be decided. We’ll try to avoid monsoon season in June, so probably at the start of the year.
  2. of course! :slight_smile:
  3. It depends. These sort of trips include everything- accomodation, support crew, most meals, support vehicles, support bikes. In the past they’ve been between US$1300-1990.
  4. we aim for 12 days for all the trips…it means that most people can fit it into a 2wk holiday including fly in/out. Usually a few people either arrive early, or stay on after the tour to do more travelling, if they wanted more travel.

It’s a bit early for me to say, but I would suggest a 26" or 29’er as the most likely recommendation.

This will be one of the hilliest tours. We also did a Himalayan Unitour in 2009, but that was on road, so was rideable on a 36".

cheers, im Tring to find a few differant things to do on my uni, the price doesn’t seem so bad when you consider what’s included.
what was your average daily distance?
Its looks like a truly amazing journey

That really depends on the trip. On some trips a 30km off-road ride could take all day, or on others 100km is relatively easy.

I expect Nepal distances to be fairly low because of steepness and terrain.

Any update on the next unit our?

Rumor is that it may be in April 2015 along the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal.