Unistan 2013: The Uzbekistan Unicycle Tour

Our next unicycle tour is getting even more exotic. Keep October 2013 free, as we are planning the Uzbekistan Unicycle Tour.

It is a 12 day, 400km, fully supported Unitour, and takes in some ancient cities along the old Silk Road.

More information on: Adventure Unicyclist

Here is a trailer with photos of the areas we are visiting:

You’re tempting…

will try to join this one :wink:

You got me at “stan”.

That’s the plan Stan :stuck_out_tongue:

Rumor has it “Borat” will be joining us!:smiley:

If my wife who does not unicycle joins us on a bike, does anyone have any recommendations for the kind of bike needed? Or could we buy/rent a bike there?

Since I’ve been riding daily for almost the past year I have as a fantasy that I can afford the money and time needed for one of these tours.

I am glad that there are people on the planet who do these rides, but I’m jealous as all hell. And I hold out hope.

They provide bikes if you need one, and will have spare bikes along in you need to switch from a uni to a bike.

HopeI can join you this time :wink: But its really expensive…

Yes, bikes can be hired for a small cost. And unless you are particularly attached to your own bike, it’s easier than packing up a bike and carting it half way around the world (Unicycles are bad enough!). Bring your own seat and pedals/shoe combination…those tend to be the most personalised parts.

We also have spare bikes in the support vehicles, but this is for unicyclists to use as a backup only (for instance, if you get injured because some Chinese woman swipes you off the unicycle whilst sweeping the road).

I’m sure much of it is based on experience, but this is just such a fine level of organization. Very impressive.

Out of curiosity, how do the wheel sizes generally break down on these rides? And how do you handle the range of speeds that would tend to separate riders?

A 36" or 29" should be fine. I personally prefer riding a 36", but prefer travelling with a 29’er. Usually the 29’er wins out in terms of packing onto planes etc.

I’m waiting to get more information about the terrain, but even on a tour like Mongolia (entirely off road) most riders were on 36ers.

It’s not a race, so people tend to spend a lot of time stopping for photos etc. We try to regroup all the riders after every 15-20km or so with a picnic stop to have a snack/coffee and refuel the camelbaks. Usually the slower riders know they have to leave the rest and lunch stops a little earlier. For people who get sick/tired, they can use the backup bikes/support vehicles, but generally most people try to ride as much as possible.

Okay, I have a wheel box that fits my 29er, but how do you pack and shipping a 36er?

How much of this tour will be on asphalt?

I am up for it :slight_smile:


I’d love to go, I was trying to look up flights etc it is waayy too much for my reality, but I will keep it in the back of my head because I think this would be the coolest thing to do. :slight_smile:

This will be another great adventure
I am jealous not to join you.
Here is a blog from someone who travelled from Europe to China by Bike with a lot of good Photos

Why is such a tour so expensiv?

I am keen,
I love the 29 for freemounting in a spot and the 36 for riding. Not sure which will be best?:slight_smile:

UDC UK sells a 36" wheel bag.

I had a wheel bag custom sewn… it barely squeaked by the “oversize luggage” requirements of the airline.

I’d give it a 50/50 chance based on how well the ticket agent did in her geometry classes.

Grashopper Adventures makes these tour five-star experiences. They take care of your every need, and they do it well! It’s a truly seamless experience, from the morning’s group breakfast and departure, to the evening’s arrival and dinner, it’s all done for you. And along the way you’ve got local guides who can help you navigate, both on the roads and in the local culture.

One example: when travelling through hot and muggy Vietnam, Jason arranged to have our drinks put on ice before we arrived; cold beverages are a foreign concept for some, but Jason makes it all happen.

Definitely worth the cost.

When will payment be due? I would love to get in on this ride, but will definitely need a few months to save up some extra dough.