Well, i did a search on this but i didnt find anything, so i started this tread. Very recently i have started learning unispins. I can do SIF fine, but when i start learning the 180 jump mount ( that helps with learning im told) I can getmy foot on the back pedal but i cant get the other foot on the front pedal. I think i might just be scared to land it wrong and get racked, but any suggestions would be greatly apreciated.

While im making a new thread, I might as well ask about my other problem. When I am hopping SIF, the back bumper always rubs against my upper thigh, making it sore. What can I do?

unispins are about 10% skill and 90% sucking it up and going for it. just cram your feet in and land on the cranks. for the bumper rubbing against your leg wear thick pants or just live with it till it stops hurting.

what he said^^^^

its all in your head. if you are trying unispins then the chances are you already have the skill to go for it. just keep going and going at it untill you are convinced that you will not get snapped if you stack it, because you wont. then just throw you feet off, spin the uni, land back on the cranks, you dont even have to aim for them! its pretty easy to do, its mostly just in your head.

with the seat rubbing thing, put the seat out further whe nyou hop or just wear thicker pants.

if you are going to learn unispins you will probably “get racked” at least once in the process.

iam learning the unispin 360… and man…

i get racked everyday hehe

is it easier to do unispins with the seat in or out?

you cant do a seat in unispin!

why not…?

try it:D

You can too do seat-in unispins. Watch videos, lots of people do them.

ow. that would hurt.:wink:

I’ve never seen somebody do a unispin with the seat in the back?

seat in spin vid

if any body has a link for a vid with a seat in unispin i think we would all like to see it

I landed one or two unispins 180 seat in to seat in at the unicon street event.
I think there are nicer shot of unispins seat in to seat out in my vids 3 and 4.

It’s all there : http://www.neyric.com/~manu

For a few weeks i have pretty consistently the unispin 360 in 2 in. But at first i hurt my wrist doing all this stuff, it puts a lot of stress in it.

Unispin from seat in back is quite hard, i only saw Xav doing it during a wall plant (in Vener maybe)


unispins are hard without leg armour

Seat in unispins are so much better, they are way smoother. I have seen seat in back unispins too.

When you say “racked” do you mean hurting your balls very badly?


Always stand on the pedals when u land and u will NEVER get racked.

I think i may almost have landed the first Tasmanian unispin. unless there is anyone else out there…
i decided to try today and i can get my feet back on the pedals but still havnt perfected riding out of it, i just stumble and topple over, i think it is because of the astonishment of actually landing it