firstly, yes i can already do a 180 unispin however, whenever i practice them i always seem to sprain my wrist. i can do it once or twice but anymore than that makes it sore. it may be because im accidentally and instinctivly trying to land seat in, which means that i land on my wrist or it may be due to the seat height or my technique. i also find that the seat handle gets in the way. if anyone has any ideas on what could be causing this or has had the same problem let me know.

Teach me to unispin and i shall help the crap out of you

try having your seat a little lower… and i find with 180 unispins it is bewtter to land seat out but for 360 it is better to land seat in. thats all i got for you now!

post a vid so i can see your exactly hand moments, at the moment I can imagine what you’re doing to hurt your wrist because I think I used to do the same thing.
Get the vid up and I’ll try and help from there.


thanks man. can do
and to the guy that cant do them, practice 180 jump mounts until you can do em easy, then practice sif hopping. add the two together and voila. check the unicyclopedia for a tutorial on them. i wrote the one in the street section. there pretty easy. i learned them in my second month of riding.

Thanks man, i just feel i am going to loose the skin of my shin, happend first time i did and havnt really gone for it again. i shall try that

my wrist used to hurt doing unispins, but i just kept doing them and now i am used to it and i have no problem.

yeh i found a new way to hold the seat so that there is not as much pressure on my wrist. i also made the seat slightly higher so i could reach it better for sif. before i had to like bend over. also for anyone learning i ?think? that mayby combining a 90 or so body varial with a 90 degree or so unispin may make it easier to learn. im not sure. ill try it and let you know.

i havent tried that but it seems harder. in a unispin you just spin the uni, with the 90-90degree thing you have to move your body as well as the uni so it may be harder but dont take my word for it.

im gonna put out a video tutorial on it tonight hopefully if not tomz.

gabe, you are pretty much right. Although it’s different from person to person, generally only spinning 90 and moving 90 is easier. as is spinning 180 and moving 90 or spinning 270, moving 90 etc etc.
once you’ve mastered that, it often gives the rider more confidence to go the full stretch.
As for the wrist problem, I guess it’s good that you have now found a move comfortable way of doing things but I can imagine, if you are a street rider, that raising your seat may cause problems in the future for more fluid riding.


i just uploaded my 180 unispin tutorial. it only took like 20 mins which explains the quality. but its here http://www.unicyclist.com/gallery/?g2_itemId=280780
and in relation to the seat height i only changed it like 5 cms and b4 that it was 5cms from the tyre so i doubt itd make muchova diff. my knees hurt less now too.

that’s a pretty good tutorial, nice to have an australian one.

althought the filming that was on the side was so annoying, never, ever film something on the side like that again, PLEASE. (sorry Liz :slight_smile: )

other than that, good work

that was an alright tutorial. you need to say stuff about landing on the cranks as well. like just to throw you feet off and pull them back on, it doesnt matter if you land on the cranks, because it is actually easier to do that. say something like that anyway. also say that it is mostly in you head, if you know that then you can be more confidant.

thanx can do. about the filming on the side, it was filmed indoors at close distance so it was the only way to get the whole of me in the shot.
but now i g2g2 unispin a 2 set.(hopefully)

the only two injuries i have sustained from unispinning, are bending to far on landing and hitting my knee on the seat, and catching my fingers in the handle. (a pinned pedal once left a 4 inch gash on my shin, but shin protectors fixed that.)

mmm australian accent :wink: