Are unispins hard to do? and how do you do them? right now i’m on level 5 but i’ve read that unispins aren’t that hard. is that true?


Hey, I gotta write, sorry.

Unispin, ah, not good. lol. Have shin guards! If not your shins will take a beaten. :angry: ok. well. Hopefully you know how to hop seat out in front with ease. ABout a 15 to 20 inch verticle should be learned before doing unispins. (this just shows you have skills seat out in front) Then a lot of time is needed. Develop a way of holding the seat so it goes around easily for 180’s. While holding the seat as if to 180, just jump off the pedals kick our feet out and land back on the pedals. Don’t put too much weight on the seat. Practice just that for awhile. Till it becomes easy. I call it an arial. When you can do a nice arial just concentrate on that, jump do the arial and as you are, bring the uni quickly around 180, return the feet as iff an arial and there you go. Should be a 180 unispin. Keep that weight off the seat of the uni though, or else, you’ll spin it too slowly, and it will roll out from under you. Hope this helps.

yo again

There’s a 180 unispin here, if you need to see. But probably not, lol. You’ve probably seen a lot. oh well,


thanx. right now i can hop up 14 inches with the seat in, and the most i’ve done with seat out is 12 inches.

I think that hop should be high enough. The best advice I got, I think from Trip Glazer was to aim for the cranks first then later on go for the pedals. Just throw your legs out and pull them in against the wheel. They’ll likely land on the cranks. It will be a bit wobbly at first but you should be okay. Also, I landed my first couple after lowering the seat for my brother’s friend. It made it much easier to land it for some reason. Listen to unifreak he’s amazing at uni-spins.

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PS. Definitely where shin-pads. Even soccer ones will do.

The most important thing about Unispins, other than shin gaurds, is the direction you spin the uni. If you’re normal or right foot back spin the uni to the left, if you’re goofy or left foot back you spin the uni to the right. Its fun to do it of a curb but never NEVER!, use platform pedals without shin gaurds( It was my friends and didn’t bother changing the pedals, 12 stitches, not much but still a pain in the a$$ to deal with).

Resized and slightly less disgusting…

To mucusy for my liking…


Mines crappier. Just imagine a french accent and one of those silly moustaches.

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uni.bmp (352 KB)

Sorry for the size of the picture but I don’t really know how to shrink it. I would have worn shin gaurds if I had any, but I didn’t and still dont, i just use plastic pedals shin gaurds get in the way( although i do need them for stuff like seat out in side to the left, burns the hell outta ya. oh yeah go to Death Valley and ride the Ubehebe Crater.

Please, please, please stop with the horrible French scar leg people. That leg took enough of a beating without all you guys going and insulting it :smiley: Ever thought that leg might have feelings? Might not like being called French.

Well hey my leg doesn’t feel much any more:) and its just a good reminder of what happenes when you don’t wear shin guards. oh and I am 1/4 french. lol.

Ok quick question…how the hECK can he jump onto that picnic table! It looks like he’s just floating…it almost looks fake! How can you jump that high?

what are you talking about?

I think he is talking about when the riders on universe jump up onto the picnic tables in one go.

Unifreak7 put up a link to his gallery to show the video of his unispin and one of the other videos was him hopping up a table.:smiley:

oh ok. i was just confused because i didnt see anything about it in the thread and thought i was missing out on something.

thanks darchibald, im glad the advice helped, as it really helped me to get it down. i am by no means an expert on unispins, as i have done nothing more than 180 and havent done one in half a year, but it is a fun trick to get down. i noticed that unifreak7 uses two hands even when doing a 180. so my question is whether you (unifreak) always use two hands or just in those particular clips? do you reccomend practicing one handed unispins?

on another note, i looked up the clip and am very jealous of that rolling hop. my rolling hop is way behind my side hop but now i want to go finally try to get on a picnic table…

Picnic tables

Hey, thanks a lot for the comment. Well for one handed unispins i can only do 180’s. I almost hit a 360 a few times, but the uni is hard to hold straight after landing. The wrist is totaly twisted. lol. I’ll post some more little clips of tricks if it might interest anyone. Thanks a lot

i love gory pics!!!