What is a good way to get started doing UNispins? I went outside to try but it seems hard to keep the uni in one place. My friend can do them and he does them off the cranks…is that easier? any pointers would be appreciated…thnx

You want to try to put your spinning hand at the front of the seat, and when you jump, kick your leags out to let the uni spin underneath you. And also when you spin the uni put pressure on the seat, so when the uni is spining, the tire stays on the ground.

For me, 360 degree uni spins and counting. hope this helps.


practice unispins as a mount, landing on the cranks,
jump mounts and hopping on the cranks are prerequisites.(and hopping seat out too obviously)

when you can do it as a mount easily just try it on the uni.

its easiest to take off from the pedals and land on the cranks.

and experiment with hand placement too, its verry important.

theres a realy low quality video of me doing a unspin at http://evilewan.unicyclist.com
look at the way my legs fly outwards and the way i hold the seat.
notice also that i hop arround far to much, its an old video.

also you might want to learn to transition in/out of hopping on the wheel first. its not as hard and is a realy cool trick that compliments the uni spin niceley.
when you nail unispins and wheel hopping you can learn unispins on the wheel. which “kicks ass” as they say.

on the subject of unispins, does anybody have any advice for learning a unispin where the unicycle stays still and you do the 180? i can do it as a mount already (sometimes)

Yeah, i’ll answer that one (body varial question)
What i do, is i roll into it (seat-out) and then start to turn, like an over-exagerated 180. Then you plant your hands on the, keep the unicycle in place, and jump, and spin. If you were already turning, you should be rotating allready, and it’s not that hard.

Another fun thing to try is 180 unispins, 1 handed.


For me Leg armor made the big diffence, I would pratice Unispins get hurt and stop, I did this for a period of 3 months or so. Then I got some Leg armor and BAM! Got my first one within 10 non painful trys.

When I’m doing unispins now I just try to make sure I’m taking off from a solid position. If your off balance when your taking off, it makes landing the spin a whole lott harder. All the other advice thats been said I totally agree with.

You’ll get them soon…


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>does anybody have any advice for learning a
>unispin where the unicycle stays still and you do the 180?

Maybe this should be called a riderspin? :slight_smile:

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