Unispins Vs Thumbs

Like 2 weeks ago I learned to do my first real unispin, I got so excited I learned 360’s right away. I practiced them for like an hour and a half straight. During that time my thumb started hurting on my dominant spinning hand but I ignored it because I was determined. Eventually I finally got one but that is besides the point. I then had to go camping and couldn’t practice them for a week.

Today I tried to do them again but the pain was unberable, does anyone have experience with this and how to avoid it



Well i just got unispins last week, this didn’t happen to me. You might just be twisting it in the wrong way when your spinning your seat. Tape your thumb and ice it around 20 minutes every 2 hours. Also, if you can, go out and get the product “Traumeal”, (or sumtin like that), and apply it every once in a while

I had a slightly similar problem. I had the problem mostly with how i was landing, slightly on my hand and all, putting a lot of pressure on my thumb. I also did have the problem of overusing the thumb too. Depending on the pain you have, it could be just that you strained the muscle, but if you are landing and feeling pain you might have to just learn how to catch the seat and yourself better. If you strained the muscle you might want to either think about workin on that muscle so it can take more of that work or just work on throwing the seat so as to not aggrivate the muscle so much.