Unispins off ledges - any tips?

Just looking for some tips on performing a unispins off of something. my rolling 180’s are very consistent and my static 360’s are coming along very well (I land them 70% of the time). I know I still need to work on getting a bit of distance with the rolling spins before I take them off an obstacle so can anyone offer some tips?

Same thing with the 360’s (and soon to be 540’s :stuck_out_tongue: ), what advice could you give me on performing them rolling, getting distance and landing when not on flat ground?

Also, I tried jumping and dropping to the side while unispinning and twisted my ankle on the first attempt so I haven’t been out to try it again. So help with that would be great too :o.


I don’t really like doing tricks off ledges but from my experience jumping off forward is better. I can’t make myself unispin off of something sideways but I can go forwards off a curb. I would say definitely start small and work your way up. As far as learning your spins rolling, you might want to try slowly reducing the amount of hops you do before the spin. Also you might want to learn to spin to seat in if you are not already, but don’t take my word because that could hurt off of a drop. Maybe a more experienced street rider could help. Good luck!

I used to do tons of 180 unispins rolling off stuff, and I don’t really remember any big tips that helped me, just practice a lot and you’ll figure out how to keep the cranks from spinning. Also, build up the height gradually. For static unispins off of stuff, make sure you have the timing down. You can spin much slower doing a 3 spin off of say 60 cm than on flat. It’s not too hard, if you just stay over it and commit you’ll land it. :slight_smile:

Haha, yeah, I know how to get them rolling :stuck_out_tongue: just working on smoothing out 3spins. Learning to spin seat in? that’s something I need to work on, I can’t for the life of me get 180’s seat in unless I’m doing it 1 handed reverse. Strange. I always land 3spins seat in, can’t seem to get them seat out now, guess that’s a good thing!

Julia, I know it may sound like a silly question(and I should probably just go out and try it) buuuut, do you have any advice on spinning to the side like that apart from watching my timing? Like I said, the spins themselves are easy but I just can’t seem to get enough distance to the side! I would end up landing a strange half spin-pedalgrab-tryingnottofalloffledge ‘trick’ :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been trying these a bit, but I always chicken out at the last second :stuck_out_tongue:
I think i have trouble getting the distance sometimes, also when the uni lands at an angle i cant land very well, any tips? :smiley:

Don’t do the trick normally and try to hop sideways as you go, what I do is pause, and then start leaning over the drop a bit, and then when I’m about to fall off I do the spin and I automatically end up clearing the ledge. Works for me ;).

Alister do it off just like a small curb/pallet, and for the landing if you’re not getting your feet on the pedals it’s a commitment issue, but if you can’t ride/hop out that’s just practice, it’s pretty hard.

anythings possible bro. just don’t be afraid to get hurt and always try something new! haha im a noob, but i’ve landed 3 180 unispins so far and i always told myself it was impossible…

Okay, i can kinda do this now, but I need to try off something bigger, i’ll set up 3 pallets later today! :slight_smile:

Haha, exactly this.

Like someone on these forums once said ‘unicycle is 10% skill and 90% confidence’ (or along those lines)

Wounds heal anyway. I’m just going to go out and try it :stuck_out_tongue:

ya haha thats so true. i unicycle till my ankles bleed XD
but ya good luck! one day i’ll be as good as you…hopefully soon cuz i wanna shred the campus on my uni

Okay i know its off topic…

but whenever you do a trick always keep this quote in mind…

“it wont hurt if you land it” Kevin McCmullin



cut ankles are the worst! That quote isnt totally right i know that cause whenever i do a good flip it usually involves me hitting my nuts and me having to sit down for a minute or two. but id rather have nut pain that face planting into the ground:p


that was hilarious!!!