Unispins - How to get ur feet up.

I’m trying to learn unispins as a prelude to learning flip tricks… My problem now is that I can’t lift my feet off the pedals enough, much less do a midair split.

Any hints/tips on how to do that? I can jump mount with little problem if that’s useful…

Also, crankgrabs. How do you balance once you get the crank up? I find the seat in my way when I am pefectly perpendicular to whatever I’m crankgrabbing. Must you lean towards the direction of the crankgrab instead and if so, wouldn’t all your weight be on one foot?

If you can’t spread your legs very far just spread em as far as you can and put em forward. Watch spencer’s unispins they look awsome cause he just throws his feet forward. And for the crank grabs just lean. You don’t have to have both feet on your pedals. It just looks smoother when you do. But that will come later. Just practice them and lean forward a bit.

So when I hop up I should just be standing on one foot (during learning stages)?

Use the search function man, there are atleast one of these threads a week.


heres some advice

seriously just go for for you have to forget abou8t every thjingand just focus on the unispin ,sounds cliche but it’s true

its the only way I can unispin (for now)

If you turn the unicycle 180/360/720 degrees, the pedals are in the same place that they were to begin with. You really just have to move your feet up and out of the way for that second that the uni is spinning. You don’t have to jump especially high to do a 180 unispin, but you have to make sure your feet land on the cranks/pedals.

For crank/pedal grabs: yes, all of your weight should be on the pedal that is resting on the object.

I have dreams with me gliding/coasting down hills sometimes. They’re so vivid and realistic that I’m sometimes surprised when I wake up and can’t do either :frowning:

Just takes practice.

Right, basic unispin tips. First up, try a 180 jump mount. that will get you practising the spin and landing on the pedals at the end of the spin.
Once you master this and feel comfertable doing this, try the spin from actually on the uni. Recently I was teaching someone to unispin when I saw that they found it difficult to hope seat out. If you can not seat out hop on the spot or you feel like you can not hold your balance for long in this position, this will make the spin alot harder so perfect this first.
As has been already listed, focus is the main thing when learning…and 661’s. If your brain believes you are going to get hurt, it won’t let you land it, so get that right out of your head. Focus on the images of you landing the spin and tell yourself, “If I don’t land it, it doesn’t matter because it won’t hurt”.
Other tips to increase height and leg extension is to practise jumping as high as possible and splitting your legs as far apart as possible and then landing back on the pedals.
With all these tips you can’t go wrong but remember, whatever you are told, repetition and focus are the keys to learning this trick, it is not hard and can be almost perfected within a matter of hours. Stick at it!


Thanks loads guys. I’m improving on my SIF hops at the moment. Still can’t get those feet off the pedals much less spin it. Would it be easier to transit from pedals to wheelhop to get the hang of spinning instead of doing a 180 straight on?

If you can transition from pedals to wheelhopping, then you can jump plenty high enough to do a unispin.