unispins down stair set

I got a better name because bodyspin sounds pretty lame, and that is fullspin, and to add anothere aspect to it, you could say I did “half a spin” or “a full spin” or “a spin and a half” insted of 180, 360, ect… Or you could just say I did a 540 fullspin, whichever you choose ^^ I don’t know what you guys think, personaly I don’t really care what its called, just wish I could do it, I’ll get there though.

well a uni spin is a uni spin, and yeah i spun my unicycle underneath me ( rolling) , a 180 uni spin. Id like to see more of it. Cause its a cool trick, i think a uni spin looks better to the public then a crank flip. It just looks neat when the uni is spinning freely.

Even though crank flips are a bitch and i havent learned them yet, i cant figure out wich way to go.


lets see some more uni spins down sets…rolling uni spins

anybody have any videos of this? :thinking: