unispins down stair set

since theres a crank flip contest going on, i cant do them at the moment, so… who wants to have a uni spining down stair sets competition? doesnt matter, could be a 180 uni spin or a 360, but i think it should be 180’s for now.

any takers?

Im gunna try tomorrow after school.

good luck!

Re: unispins down stair set

I’m in!


there is a big difference in how you uni-spin down sets… a lot easier to side hop uni-spin down then other methods

im talking about rolling uni spins, much harder and looks better

How cool would it be though to do a 180 or 360 uni spin down a stair set where you actually face the same direction the whole way but pull the uni out and spin it 180 or 360 degrees and land back on it!?! Ya, pretty unlikely and damn near impossible but think someone could probably do a 180 sooner or later…

Wait a minute. A level-9 rider like Jamey should realize that’s what a Unispin is. If you stay seated and rotate with the unicycle, it’s (in Standard Skill terms anyway) a hoptwist.

But hoptwist just doesn’t sound adequate for doing it down a set of stairs. Addin a third dimension to tricks is requiring new naming conventions. At some point someone’s going to have to write them all down so we can keep track…

Yes John, I do know that a unispin is where you jump up and spin the uni, but have seen many people use this term to also mean spinning their body (hoptwist), so instead of correcting them, I just more clearly described what a unispin was but didn’t directly point it out that that is what a unispin is. Maybe instead of a hoptwist (cause it sounds kinda lame) we could call it a body spin? Get it, uni spin and body spin. There are a lot of terms in the relatively new street aspect of unicycling that I do get confused with though and will learn most the terminology over time.

hmm, justin I send you a clip of a rolling unispin down a set…

Peace, Simon


Unispins have been done down sets of stairs.

How many stairs have been jumped with a unispin. I’ve jump a 2, lol. yay. I’ll be trying, 5’s and 6’s next summer. But yeah. Just wanna know what the unispin is up to. That was a side unispin too. Does someone know the rollin record, and side record.


my record is a 4 set with a rolling 180 uni spin

Really? Don’t recall ever seeing any. Are there any on your video’s?? And are you talking bout “unispins” or hoptwists or body spins?

Just for clearity from now on a unispin is where you jump up and leave the seat of the uni to spin it, a bodyspin(hoptwist) is where you jump up and don’t leave the seat and spin yourself and the uni together. OK?!

…I think they should just be called hoptwists…


Actually, a hopspin is what it really should be called. Cause it’s not really a twist…So for now a hoptwist=hopspin=bodyspin!

Looking back I don’t think it should be called a bodyspin cause what if you do a 180 unispin like I do it where you jump up and spin your body 180 degrees and land back on the uni (so the uni didn’t move and stayed in the same direction it was facing).

So lets review;
unispin=where you stay facing the same direction and spin the uni
bodyspin=where the uni stays facing the same direction and your body spins around the uni
hoptwist=hopspin=where you and the unicycle spin together

What do you guys think?


Ok above, that’s fine. Eccept really for hoptwisting, just call it the degree its doing. LIke a 180’d a set, or 180 “unispan” a set. That intitles them differently. Unless you’re dealing witht he idea of the whole 180s, 360s, then one could call them hoptwisting. But it’s not the best sounding trick. lol. oh well. That’s the stuff over here.
Well the thing back to hand. Justin congrats on your 4 set down. I’m gonig to try something like that soon, but yeah. Congrats. That’s all. laters


Did you mean uni spin or hoptwist? Congrats either way, just curious?! That’s awesome.

In skateboarding:
Shuv-it/varial = board spins, not body
Body varial = body spins, not board
180, 360, … (spin) = body and board spin together

So, unicycling, in suit, should be:
Unispin = uni spins, duh, but not body
Bodyspin = body spins, duh, but not uni
Hoptwist/Spin = body and uni spin together

Personally, i don’t like the term Hoptwist, and prefer Spin, but whatever. Also, saying “I 180’d the set” implies “I 180 spinned/spun the set”, where you and the uni spin together. “Spin” is the default when talking about all rotational tricks (unispin, bodyspin, spin), so it’s always implied when no rotational trick is explicit.

180 Unispin
180 Bodyspin
180 Spin.

I like the list. Here’s a bit of background:

Hoptwist makes sense for static hops with twists. Since it’s impossible (so far) to do anything close to 360° without any kind of pre-winding up, it’s only a twist but not a spin.

But when you go off a drop, it’s possible to rotate all the way around, or farther.

Unispin is the name we coined for those things where you jump up and spin the uni. Before Unispin, we called them 180s, 360s, etc. So there is some old precedence on using those numbers for the Unispin.

Basically, as I’ve mentioned before, confusion will continue until somebody starts compiling all these names and matching them up with detailed descriptions of what the move looks like. Since we did this in the 1980s for what is now the Standard Skill List, those tricks have “official” names. An effort will have to be made to do the same thing for the wider range of moves possible in Street riding before we’ll have a solid frame of reference.

When this happens, it would be fun to try to trace the more interesting moves to their origins, to see if we can find a record of where they were first seen, and who did them.

Example: Kick-up mount. Daniel Dumeng (Puerto Rico), 1982. First seen by the larger unicycling community at the 1982 National Unicycle Meet in Minnesota. Other performers probably used it 50 years earlier, but we don’t have any record of that. Even if they did, it was Daniel who brought it to the “general unicycling public.”

So I kind of like the name Hopt-wist for static twists. Hop-spin sounds better to me for anything that’s 360° or greater.

As to referring to any of these tricks with just the numbers, you will always be at risk of requiring people to ask which kind you meant. Later on, one type may become the more dominant, but for now I recommend being specific.

Unless Hecklar meant “Spin” instead of Hop-spin. Since you and the uni spin together, why not just call it a spin? “I spun a 360 off that stairset!” If you imply you did it in the air, maybe all you have to say is spin. Otherwise you’d need to add the hop or something to clarify it wasn’t just your tire grinding into the pavement (regular spin).

JF, that’s a good point about the “spin” ambiguity. I guess just “spin” would be specific in the context of street riding, since spinning on the ground doesn’t really happen in street riding (we’ll say). But, i sometimes forget that this is a community of all unicycling, so “hopspin”, for the spinning that you’d do while flying down a set of stairs, would be better here. Thanks.

I was waiting for John Foss’s 2 cents and I’d agree with most of everything he said, especially about the hoptwist.