unispins are easy and hand pain from seat

I got my first unicycle for christmas. I’ve mostly been doing trials type stuff so I’m only a level three rider. Anyways I did my first level 10 trick today :). I was riding my friends 20 inch unicycle today (I have a torker 14 inch) and I tried a 180 unispin. To my surpreise it felt quite easy. After a few tries I landed one, pulled the seat in and rode off. The problem is I can’t do them on my 24 because I have to spread my legs out so far to let the wheel pass.
Also today after I got done uniing I noticed my hand was swollen and blue the finger nails were cracked off and it was somewhat numb in my index finger. Is this just my stupid torker seat or am I holding it wrong?

Holding the front of my first seat used to attack my fingers; it didn’t really have anything to hold onto, so the backs of my fingers would rub on the metal seatplate, which wasn’t good for them.

Since getting rid of that evil instrument of torture, I’ve not had a problem.