Unispinning muscles?

Ive got 5spins down nicely, but have noticed lately that I’m spinning slower than i used to. even when i try harder tospin as fast as i did i cant :stuck_out_tongue: so what are the muscles involved with unispins and how can i get my spins faster (so i can move onto 720unispins).

There is really a lot of technique involved with unispins. I think if you try out new things you’ll get your speed up enough to 7. Try bending down at the waist before spinning, that helps me throw it faster. Also try out different hand positions to find the one that helps you.

When I spin, I mostly feel it in my forearms, triceps, and shoulders. It also helps to have strong calves and quadriceps to clear the uni enough, but I really think it’s all about technique and practice.