now i can get the 90 unispin but i just cant seem to get the confidence for a 180. i know how to do it and everything its just getting my feet on the pedals, maybe i should land on the crank arms.thats easier right?

yes its easier. the wierdest thing for me about unispins is after i learned them i hardly ever do them, i am really bent on learning gliding now and its coming, i can go like 10 feet confidently. k im getting off topic so ill end this post.


So yes, it is easier to do it just to the crank arms.

Re: unispin3

If you think it’s easy to not be able to correct anything after your landing…
I’d rather land on the pedals so there is no recistance to make any corrections after your landing.
But yes, if you keep balance just by hopping in stead of riding you could land on the cranck arms. But once you succeed I advice you to try and land on the pedals.