180 UNI SPIN: alright i can now keep it under me but i just cant seem to get my feet on the pedals. i hit the petals with my feet some time but i just cant seem to stay there. i looked at some web sites they helped a little.

i have been doing them on and off for months and i can land perfectly on cranks everytime but have never landed it on hte pedals yet. i think it helps ifi have the shin guards on- confidence or something.jon

ya im pretty shure thats what it is for me im not confident at all i already hit my leg with the pedles. i guessi’ll try landing on the cranks. do you start on the cranks or pedles?

just practice more. you’ll figure it out.

Start on the pedals; otherwise you won’t be able to hop properly.

Practice, practice, practice. And don’t give up. It took me about 3 hours to hit my first 180 unispin. You should have it in no time. Just keep practicing.