Ok I’m having a little trouble with this because when I do a suicide mount I have my right foot foward, but when I jump I have my left foot foward. So it just feels really wierd either jumping with my right foward or if I land with my left forward. So should I just practice landing with my left forward, which I’ve been doing a little?

well im still trying to work on landing it but heres some advice


heres about the best advice i can give…GO PRACTICE

Why is the title of this thread unispin

Heres some advice: practice.
Lol. actually thats basically it. And use your left foot forward. I doesnt matter how you mount it just how you jump

I was just wondering the same thing

Because he is getting help for his unispins.

unispin help:

it really didn’t seem like that’s what he was asking about when I read through it the first few times…

Its cause hes not asking about how to spin and stuff, he is just confused with how to jump for them. He Should be doing them and landing them like how he regularly hops on his uni, which is with his left foot forwards.

But because he does his suicide mounts and lands those with his right foot forwards, it throws him off when he tries to do the unispins.

oh, ok… makes more sense now…

He never said that

Yes he did.

I mount with my right back and left forward but I hop with my right forward.

Before learning unispins, I had to learn to jump mount wiht my right forward. (now I can’t do it any other way) That said, what you’re experiencing shouldn’t matter if you’ve got enough guts to keep going at it despite falls. If you aren’t, learning to jump mount into hopping position would make you more confident.