I LANDED A UNISPIN!!! yes thank you xavier for all those vids keepin me on a uni! also shaun, kelly hickman, all the keukly team and all the others! yes i landed a 180 unispin! and tomorrow i might ride with the unipsychos of dallas! YAHAYAHAHHAYAHAYHAYAHHAYAHAY!!! ive been practicing 4 4 months! WOOT! (unispins for 4 months):slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Congrats, they are cool… It took me awhile to learn them, but my friend Brandon learned it in a day and a half!

good job!!!

Great job, I remember how it feels when you first land one, it feels like you just won the lottery! Also, was it a 180 or a 360? Im going to guess 180, right?

I remember my first one this winter. I practiced for several hours for 3 days in a row because i was so determined. I have like 50 little video clips of me trying, lol. Landing one feels even better then the first time you ride down the street.

Good Job

If only genesis04 had your determination lol.
He tried em for 30 minutes, and has given up on them, and now does Muni in nebraksa, really i think it is more trials wht he does, he says muni should be more all terrain that mountain (muni=mountain unicycling)

woo :smiley: i remember my first one i yelled out in excitement and my dad was like WTF. hehe
i still cant get them every time thou but it feels good everytime you get one

now you are like the rest of us who don’t suck that much

i learned them in december and then couldnt land them till about a month before moab muni fest and had them down for a week or so and quit doing em because of my ankles then i got a new uni (orange bud) and did one or two at moab and havent landed any since…
so does that mean i learned but forgot…or am just kinda scared to land them…

You just need to do one. you should be able to do it on your second or third try. The first one or two are to get the spin and guts and then you just go for it. Thats what I do for 360s… If im lucky otherwise Ill spend a few minutes landing weird ways that dont help me at all.

yeah…its all about commitment…

Yeah you can do it. Seriously your good enough and its really easy. I used to be heck of good at them. but now I kinda suck since I learned 360s its weird. Its just not enough spinning…

the same thing happend to brent…he had unispins down perfect on flats…but he started to try 360s and it screwed him up…he said that unispins felt so wierd and he lands them but he says it feels super wierd…

It does feel weird. It kinda feels like you are jumping switch when you land them not sure why.

I landed it yesterday! I’m also very proud of myself. And congratz to you, my friend!

Unispins are great!