can someone please help me out!? i masterd a lot of uni tricks but ive been working on a uni spin, but its so difficult for me. how do you practice it when you cant even get close to doing it. i cant even do a 180 uni spin. im having major problems. how the #!*$ do you spin it so fast!?!?!

Do a search on these forums and you’ll find an enormous wealth of information regarding unispins. Also look at unicycle.2ya.com for some more info about them.

thanx man

The Unicyclopedia’s freestyle section has some advice on unispins.
In order to warm up for the unispin, practice doing the transition into hopping on the wheel. This only involves spinning the unicycle 90 degrees, so it’s quite a bit easier. You can also practice simply jumping of the pedals and landing again without spinning the unicycle at all. When you do try the unispin, don’t worry at all about landing it at first; concentrate on spinning it a full 180 degrees while you are in the air. Once you are comfortable with this, aim for the pedals/cranks.

thats what i wanted to hear thanx.

What size tire are you doing it on? I got my first 180 unispin on a frankenuni 16" rim, and have managed it on a friend’s 20" trials… I’ve come close maybe once or twice on my 24" muni… but damn that’s harder!!!

I’d try on the smallest rim you can first, then work your way up… the 16" is easy, it took me about 10 min of trying…

a coupel guys in my club can do them. just borrowed a 20 inch lx and tried a few times. they aren’t even that good at seat out hopping and they got the unispin. took seriously like 10 tries. just make sure its a tiny wheel. a 24 in muni wheel is gonna be really hard to spin fast enough. i’ve almost gotten it just messing around on a freestyle.

i’m riding on a 20" 2.5 tire but if i need to i can get my hands on a 20" with a smaller width tire (my friend has one)

i keep not landing on the uni it comes out infront of me instead of staying under me.

make sure your frame is on a vertical axis or not too far from vertical.

Another (known?) tip: spin the uni so that your feet can block the wheel at the end of the spin
eg: spin the uni clockwise if you hop with left foot back

note: I get the 180 unispin and I’m working on the 360. To do that I work on the 360 unispin mount and am not far from it (I land on cranks/pedals but loose balance). I don’t know if working on 180 unispin mount can help but that’ how I succeeded, and I think it was good for “feeling” the rotation.

Good luck and excuse me for my approximate english writting

I learned the unispin on a 20" with 2.5’’ tire, so it’s not the uni.
Two important things:

  • for starters, don’t try to ‘jump’ with the uni. the uni stays more or less on the ground, only you jump.
  • when landing, try to roughly land on your cranks, the feeling for the pedals will come later on.
  • spin it with two hands for starters
  • jump high

it took me about 4 weekends of about 20 minutes practicing per weekend to get that down. ankle protectors help and shin protectors are a MUST, in my opinion.


You don’t need shin protectors if you have plastic pedals with no sharp pins. Otherwise, you definitely do.
Your unicycle is not the problem; I learned on a 24 inch unicycle with a 2.5 inch tire.
Make sure to spin the unicycle a full 180 degrees. It’s a lot harder if you do a 110 degree unispin and a 70 degree self-spin.

Hey,i’ve got the same problem,and was just going tostart another thread about,but ill just use yours. :roll_eyes:

my problem is i dont no where to put my hands.
I can do it holding on to somthing pretty good,but i understand that one handed isnt the best way.Then i would want to put left hand in front,and right hand holding onto the back,but i’ve heard this isnt the best way ethier.could someone explain to me the best had placement?

ya i would like to know that as well. i put both hands on the left side of the seatbut it sounds like ur just the opposite of me. so probably if ur going with two hands on the same side put your hands on the right. that is of course if ur spinning it to the left.

I put my left hand on the front handle and my right hand on my back bumper of the seat. After jumping I turn the uni counter-clockwise.

Perhaps this helps (although it’s a crappy unispin): http://unicycling.wogri.at/Unicycling_Clips/demo_for_schorl/unispin.avi

Re: unispin

To do a unispin, you should stand in the seat-out position. I’ve found the best way to position your hands is your left hand on the front right side of the seat and your right hand on the rear left, criss-crossing each other. Dan Heaton and Dan Doerkson both do it this way. I’ve also heard of people using one hand, though it is more difficult. Here is a pic.[FONT=century gothic]

fg.bmp (19.4 KB)

I turn the unicycle clockwise, so I hold the middle of the seat with my right hand, with the fingers on the left and the thumb on the right. my left hand is at the back, and doesn’t do much except provide stability.
When I jump off the pedals, I spin it with my right hand, and my left hand stays in the back of the seat still not really doing anything.
So to do it one handed, I just don’t use my left hand, which makes it a bit more wobbly and thus considerably harder.


Stand with the unicycle in front of you like you’re going to mount it. Get your hands on it like you would when you’re going to spin the unicycle for a unispin. Learn to hop off of the ground and then spin the uni while you’re in the air and then land on it. It’s the unispin starting from the ground.

Once you can do this, the transition into the unispin won’t be bad. The toughest parts are learning to land on a spun uni and spinning it.


sounds like a good idea thanx.