If you can do a 180 unispin how many hours of practice did it take you to land one because I’ve worked on it for about a total of 6 hours over the past 2 days (2 hours yesterday and 4 hours today) and I still can’t land one, the closest I got was I got both my feet on each pedal but then I fell off backwards. I’m starting to get pretty pissed off. :angry:

About 4/5 hours over a day, filmed for a BUC video comp.


It sounds like your pretty close.

If you’re getting both feet on the pedals, you’re really close and keep trying, you’ll land them soon. I found it helpful once I could get both feet back on to learn them on cement so I would hop higher. Good luck!

ok well i’ve been doing them on the cement the whole time and I practiced for about another hour and a half today and I’m still no better than I was yesterday, when I spin the seat I keep on pushing it forward and i just don’t know how to stop doing that. And for the guy who posted the video, I’ve probably tried about 1000 times, When I worked on it for 4 hours yesterday, at about hour 3 I told myself that I wasn’t going to stop until I either landed one or I fell so hard that I could barely walk. The only reason it makes me so angry is because both of my friends that I ride with can land one, and one of my friends landed one with about 10 minuets of practice.

I know what it feels like to not be able to do something when your friends can, it kinda sucks (for me it’s coasting). But I’m surprised you haven’t landed one yet. What’s your hand positioning like? Remember to stay over it, and maybe 180 unispin mounts would help if you can’t do them already. Besides that, I’m not sure what else to suggest. :o

Don’t worry about it man, I have been trying the 180 unispin for over a year and still can’t get it. I practice it almost everyday, I probally have around 50 straight hours of practice into it. My friend who rode for about a month learned them in about an hour.

I can land them with my right foot only. I’m actually about 90% consistent landing 180 unispins with my right foot.

Yeah, I’m gunna try to get the 180 mount because I can land it when I start with the seat backwards and then I spin it and land on the seat but I cant land it with the seat forwards and I land just on the pedals, so hopefully that will help.

I practiced them for a month, When I went to my mate to ride I landed one :). Keep practicing and throw your feet to the middle :P.

If you care about your body, then jump only when you have to. In fact you only have to jump once:

Countdown firm from 3 to 1 and jump on 0 without hesitating or delay, and jump high (the higher the more time you have to spin) and spin fast!

im super stoked because I just landed one today.

One bit of advice i dont think you will find on here is to land as lightly on your feet as possible (on the pedals) - this minimises impact issues of landing slightly off centre on your pedals… the lighter you can land the better :slight_smile:
EDIT: In other words dont SLAM back down on your pedals… just ‘place’ your feet back down.

You need to show me next time

Good job W.

I’m trying them at the moment, but I haven’t given them any solid hour long practice sessions. I’ve been trying them for a few minutes, here and there, everytime I get on my unicycle. I’ve had a couple that were really close to getting onto the pedals.

By the sounds of things I need to just put in the time and keep practicing.

I’m really looking forward to being able to do them rolling.

Then it’ll be onto crankflips.

Haha it’s funny, I got them on my third try and now I can’t get them again haha

I dont mean to shoot you down, but they are much harder rolling than static.

Agreed. :stuck_out_tongue:

But it’s easier to do them rolling than learn them in the first place…

And crankflips are really quite difficult… some people get 450 unispins before they can crankflip. But you never know, people come at stuff differently. :smiley:

Good luck!

keep trying, you might get them soon, my friend got them in about 10 minuets, also, I started to get them once my other friend told me just to snap my feet onto the cranks. Also I’m working on getting them rolling, both of my other friends can get them and I’m kinda getting close.

I landed my first unispin static, and then about 2/3 month later I landed my fifth unispin rolling( I’m not sure but it’s around five), and I found rolling easier.

I can’t get unispins, its so anoying i have two problems, the first is ythat when i jump the wheel seems to come up with me meening my legs dont properly clear the wheel and i need to throught them out more meening that what ever i do i land on iether side of the pedals. I seem to have this mental block stopping me from wipping my feet in. :frowning: … oh well ill keep at it

I had a 26" MUni and tried for ever, and just couldn’t get it, but then got a trials uni and got it within 45 minutes. Just keep going for it