unispin while moving

how do you do a unisin froim a rolling hop? i ve tried it a few times and just end up falling flat on my face

I have the same problem. I eagerly await the reply of someone who actually has a tip on how to do this.:slight_smile:

make sure you jump stright UP and not across this will help the cranks stay still and not rotate.

hope that helps


It might help you to kinda pause first. Roll up to your crank position, stop into a quick stillstand, then jump and spin.

Make sure you can do a normal unispin…

I can’t:(


If you want to get any real distance, there are 2 options…

  1. Jump up with your feet still on the pedals and do the unispin late, this is very hard.

  2. Flip the cranks, do a hick flip. The cranks will have a controlled flip instead of just moving by themselves.

I just recently learned how to do these with some tips from Spencer. I do mine starting seat in. I hold the side of the handle with one hand and spin in the same direction I do when I do them SIF. The biggest piece of advice I can give is jump high and don’t try to spin the uni until your feet are off the pedals. You need to give it some muscle and kind of flick it around with your wrist. I land seat in front as I can only do these with 180 unispins so far.

I can unispin rolling from in to out, but not out to out :o
Don’t know why, but I’m working on it :stuck_out_tongue:

Peter M

I learnt them buy doing a quick pause first. I gradually did them smooth (with no pause) which added some distance. I can now do rolling unispins down ledges but I can only do them seat out to in. I find wedging the seat between your legs when you land helps stabilise the uni a bit more. The hardest part is to swing the uni underneth you, so your not jumping over it, also keeping the cranks still is pretty tricky.