Unispin Video Tutorial!?!?!?

I’m trying to learn unispins and since I’m a visual learner, I need a video of 180s and maybe some 360’s from different angles. Can someone help me? I watched Shaun’s crankflip tutorial and I thought it was great. Is there anything like that for Unispins?

Here’s some of my two of my videos. They each have some 180 uni spins and 360 uni spins.
The first video is called “yeah about that homework”


Hope that helps. Good luck!!


my tutorial has a link to my vid tutorial in the unicyclopedia street section. 360 unispin tutorial coming soon…

I don’t think a tutorial is needed for unispins. just go out, put shin guards on, and go for it.

you don’t NEED a tutorial for anything… it just makes it easier ; same for unispins as for crankflips etc.

hope this helps :sunglasses:


if you still cant do them here’s this tutorial i made