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I just had an idea for some variations of unispins. I wouldn’t be able to do them but I’m sure a lot of you freaks could :). How about a suicide unispin where you do a unispin but just flick the seat around at the start and let go, and land without holding on? Or a unispin where instead of swinging your legs out to the side, you lift them up over the top of the wheel?

Just a few thoughts,

You need to see some of the unispin and suicide variations that Zach Vaughn does. Zach is in the Panther Pride club that hosted NAUCC and UNICON last year.

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I believe Dan Heaton does a 90 or 270° unispin to hopping on wheel (edit: in Universe, that is). This would involve getting one’s feet above the wheel, so I assume someone has just continued the spin around and landed it.


on my unicon cd,there is this Japanese fellow (may have been Daiki) that pulls this killer trick.He rides straight ahead with hands on seat and then pulls a 360 unispin to glide…incredible!

My friend, who is just learning and can barely static mount, wanted to try a Unispin Suicide mount. Ok fine, I was the one who wanted him to do it, and he gave it his best shot while I watched. He was unable to do a 180, so I told him to do a 360, which he was unable to do but came close.

I was wondering if there are any vids of others trying, and succeeding.


Is this video only on your CD or is it also somewhere on the internet? Does anyone have a link? It sounds great.


Videos Please. Before I try it. It sure does sound interesting Andrew. And yes Links too please.


Go to
and download 000.avi
Beware, it’s 44MB. I hope you have broadband.

How about a unispin when instead of you turning the uni around, you push down really hard on the saddle to stop the uni moving at all and you turn 180 round, so you’re facing the other way. Can anyone do this?

270’s are actually simple once you can do a 180.

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Daike has a section in UNiVERsE which is awesome.


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do you mean UNiVERsE II

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yeah, sorry UNiVERsE 2.