Unispin Tutorial

Here’s a tutorial i made on 180 and 360 unispins. Hope its helps.

where is it?

hm thats weird i could have sworn i put it there. oh well i’ll try again

You say 360s are harder because you have to let go of the seat, but i don’t let go of the seat. I still hold onto the seat for 540s!


yeah what the hell how could you still hold on for 540s? i mean i can understand holding on for 360 but 540s???

I think he means that his hand never leaves the seat.

i know but i think it would be easier to let go.

So is he only letting go with one hand and somehow holding onto the other?

yeah i think thats what he means.

Great! I liked It! I think the slo-mo parts will help me alot with my 360s.

That’s exactly what I mean. I spin the seat prodominantly with my right hand. My right hand more or less stays in contact with the front of the seat all the way round. I find that if you let go and just spin it that your balance is greatly reduced, just my experience though. when you’re doing 540s i’m sure you’ll understand better.

So if you keep your hand in contact witht he seat, the uni will be less likely to fall to one side or something?
Also, Does seat hight matter when doing 360s? it looks like you have your seat up way high.

That’s exactly right. I have my seat very low, but thats a trend with most street riders for a number of reasons. That being said, Spencer has his seat very high when doing 540s. I think it’s personal and whatever suites you. I would say, that it may be easier to land seat in and it’s easier to land seat in with a low seat height.


thanks onewheelinweirdo. Yeah i have my seat pretty high, but its as low as it can go without having to cut it. i think frestylers have their seats high and they do unispins in freestyle. it would be easier to do 360’s and landing seat in with the seat lower though. But its just whatever feel easier for you

you tube dosnt work so put it on the gallery or somthing

ok i did that yesterday

If you have the DVD “One Wheel No Limit” there are two guys who do 450 d. spins to tire.

Guy “A” holds onto the seat in the same spot the whole time (looks like he has very flexible wrist and elbow joints).

Guy “B” does it twice. Once he lets go of the seat and in the other his dominant spinning hand is still “holding onto” the seat, but the seat spins in his hand 90-180 d (my PS2 doesn’t do slo-mo).

I suggest cuting an inch or so of the post off, so you can experiment w/ the seat height more. You may find it easier to do a lot of tricks.

For me its easier to ride SIF w/ the seat an inch higher, but harder to pull it out. That’s w/ 114’s w/ 127’s it’s easier for both w/ the seat lower for me.

I imagin it’s easier to do a lot of freestyle type tricks w/ a higher seat, like; ww (IMO), seat on side, and stand up tricks.