unispin practice

DANGER F WORD Hey this is my first video and I’m very proud of it its basicly six days of practice cut down into 1 1/2 minutes…
I kinda landed it and kinda invented a new trick, DANGER F WORDhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MRjc5qeWILw


It was a nice video. Kinda reminds me of my unispin practice.
Except, maybe you should take it easy. Relax and if you get angry do something else. Don’t throw the uni around.
But then again, maybe it’s your anger management technique or something. Just take it easy. Nice vid.

Seems to me that you are doing more of a 90 body varial and 90 spin. This is a good way to learn in my opinion as it gives you the taste for jumping/spinning and landing without having to spin the full 180. Keep trying you’ll get there


Funnt vid didn’t heard the F word:p
Liked the song also:)
Keep practising!

you need to JUMP…

haha your so unco… thats so cute!

best part was when you didnt land it and said “fuck!”

That’s not what my use-to-be-beautiful Summit told me! haha! Good job on the editing!:smiley:

Be kind to your uni and it will be kind to you

That’s going on the 10 commandments of uni-ing! :slight_smile: I’m not attemting unispins yet…I have but realized I am among the very few people in the world who don’t have the skill to actually land a unispin. I blame autism!!! :stuck_out_tongue: The first time I ever say the F-word it will probably be while attempting a unispin. No offense but it made me laugh, mostly the song, probably. I’m crazy that way…

calm down perry.

thanks guys I tried but uhhh… and I know, I’m working on my temper my friends say its because im italian. :sunglasses:

:frowning: i’m sorry. at least the anger issue can be fixed.

That wasn’t a new trick, that was a fall…

You need to think about just shoving your feet on to the cranks, you just jump off then throw things.

ok i admit it. It was a fall but i thought it looked pretty cool/ and as far as throwing things, better the unicycle than onlookers… (like muniaddict):smiley:

Ha, I have thrown my stuff when I get frustrated. I don’t do it anymore really because I have bent a few pedals and that sucks. You will be unispinning consistantly in no time.

Not on MY summit trials haha! Poor thing! No really, not a problem. Perry can still use it…I’ll just need a small “security” deposit, say…$350!:);):p:D :sunglasses: :roll_eyes: F##K!

:thinking: :slight_smile: :angry: :roll_eyes: :sunglasses: :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: :smiley: :o :frowning:

The poor unicyce! :astonished:

I used to get annoyed real easy. My unicycle is thankful I didn’t have it back then(it’s quite cheap) and Mom got me this weird stress relieving ball that you’re supposed to squish, it didn’t work, so since it didn’t bounce I just threw it all over the place and do everything but squish it…Then I accidentally told my brother he was supposed to be annoying, because he was so not annoying it was annoying and then he got annoying and I regret it now. I learned to deal with it since. Maybe it works on anger.

I’ve heard 180 spin jump mount is nice to help you get the hang of it.