unispin landed!!!

landed a 180 unispin after about 30 min. of parctice. this was my first time ever going out and practicing them
so next up, crankflips.

how long you been ridding?

ive been uicycling a little over a year, but only actually done anything besides for about 6 months, and then only trials. today was my first attempt at anything resembling street

any how, well done :slight_smile:


I know It felt so amazing when I landed my first one.

Now i’m off to do 360 unispins.

im the same way…i landed my first one last night…i landed a few 3 months ago but got scared and kinda gave up on them so i was trying really hard last night and kept doing them…
my friend just landed crankflips too…they are sick…his shins took a beating…
when you guys learned unispins and landed your feet on the cranks did your ankles hit the frame and bleed and get beat up cause mine are…
it feels so good to do them though!!

that happens to me too, also do your feet get stuck inbetween the crank and the wheel sometimes?

it never happend to me but im sure as you do them more and get better you will land your feet more on the pedals aposed to chucking them right in as far as the crank and wheel

When I was learning them my feet often got stuck. It was annoying cuz it is so hard to get them out and still ride away.

yeah they do get stuck imbetween the crank and the wheel or the spokes…
i did one today and i hit my ankle on top of my frame…i got a square frame so it hurt just a bit…
the sweet thing about all this is now i can do my combos and it looks nice!