unispin help

when i try to jump off the unicycle i always bring the unicycle up with me my feet wont come off pedals? on all the tutorials ive seen they dont cover this

Keep trying ur uni is suposed to come off the ground

try making ur leg go out the sides and then snap them in

ok ill try that

well… I tryed it while jumping it didnt work for me then i tryed it while just riding along and it worked any aerial or no footer tutorials out there?


My advice would be, start again. By learning a tried and tested method you’re probably more likely to learn the move, rather than try and unlearn bad habits.

Best way to learn 180 spin.

  1. Practise jump mounts.
  2. Practise 180 jump mounts.
  3. Then practise aerials.

Hopefully the first two stages will help you with stage 3. If not, practise jumping off the uni as high as you can, then move on once you’re confident.

Remember, get your 661’s on, it will give you all the confidence you need. Same goes for plastic pedals, very few people wanna learn spins with metal pedals.

Good luck, remember there is no substitute for hardwork and practise.


I got aerials down now but now i cant work up enough courage to land them back on cranks any help on how u guys finished the trick?

The only real answer is to get the courage to just go for it. Jump up over the uni, look down and spot the pedals and just snap your feet back on.

Is it still considered a unispin if you turn your body a porportion of the amount if so i landed it a big whopping 1 time

If you spin more than you turn it’s a unispin, if you turn more than you spin it’s a body varial IMO. I would assume that you landed it, cause I think body varials are a lot harder than unispins. Congrats!

Tell you the truth i think it was more of a body varial then