unispin help

Every time I commit to a unispin and land it im at a super weird angle and I fall
The angle is like acute and should be right angle lol
Any suggestions?

Try holding the seat in more.


cool thanks ill try it in the morning and tell you if it helps :slight_smile:

You do realize I can land them and you live right down the street from me? :roll_eyes:

i whish someone near me did uni…
(other than my friend and brother who never go on theirs anymore [i think they have given up])

just landed some for the first time today. making sur ei bend my knees and jump up straight helped me alot

These things are driving me crazy!!!
I can do the 90s up to my wheel, not down yet but my on wheel hopping isnt very solid. My jump mounts to cranks perfect. 180 unispin mounts are good. I’ve made sum leg guards, didnt make much difference. I’ve been trying 180s to crank on fairly level grass (i feel slightly safer-should i try on concrete?) and i can get the uni (6.55kgs) around but my feet just dont find the pedals. The uni always seems to be behind me when i land and i feel i should be right over it or have it slightly in front, like the 180 mount.
I usually get annoyed when people post posts like this just bitching that they cant to a trick and making excuses but i seriously have been trying all day and put so much work into this. I’ve read all the turorials and seen the videos. Tried so many times to commit.
This has just has annoyed me heaps; i really want to get them solid before me and some friends do a uni demonstration to hundreds of people.
I am going to practise some more before our holidays end.
Sorry for the useless post- just need to rant.

I have my unispins now thy guys