Unispin! 10 minutes!

holy crap, i just learned how to unispin in like 10 minutes, the only really hard part was getting the confidence to actually try it! It was so awesome when it just happened and i landed my first one. I do admit to shafting myself once though, and yes…
IT HURT, but it was worth it. I cant wait to make some videos now :smiley:


Wow, ten minutes… That’s it, I’m going to learn tomorrow. I expect that like the suicide mount, it’s easy except for getting over the fear of hurting yourself, right?

ahhh suicide mounts and unispins how very scared of them i am…i always hold the unicycle like im about to try to do a suicide mount but then i completely chicken out and just mount the usual way…its a scary scary thing my friend, until uve tried it a few times of course. which ive still not done

Nice Austin! It’s all mental… Not that there isn’t a physical aspect. It’s just that you have to be mentally ready to physically hurt yourself.

My 180 suicide mount attempts brought me much damage but I wouldn’t have kept trying if I…wasn’t…umm… You know that part in Into The Thunder Dragon where Kris is talking about jumping into the shepherds hut? It’s like that. Damn I really want that quote that he says…

explain the technique please.

It’s something like,
“I don’t know why it’s important to hop into a shepherds hut on the side of a mountain in Bhutan, but it is.”
And some other stuff, but that was the general gist of it.

I have to ask… what is an unspin?

While we’re at it, 180 suicides… Are you starting facing the front of the unicycle, letting go and spinning before hopefully landing feet on pedals?


A unispin is where you are hopping with the seat in front, then you spin the unicycle 180 degrees (or more) and land back on the pedals.