Hi all,

We need some help identifying a unicycle?? we purchased on Ebay…you may have seen it on there and we now have it in our home (pictured below). We bought it because the boys thought it looked fun. The cycle is built from a standard lollipop bearing style 20" unicycle and definitely looks factory made and painted. Even though the seller estimates it to be at least 20 years old, we found it to be in excellent shape. He says he has another portion of the same cycle in his attic.

The front of the uniskate as we now call it seems to be the way it’s shown in the picture, the side opposite the skate wheels (I repositioned the reflectors). The slit in the seat post tube is toward the skate wheels which usually indicates the rear. However it is difficult to ride in this position because the center of gravity of the cycle is to the rear of the rider. Ben and Brad found it much easier to ride when they sit backwards in the seat and pull the center of gravity up towards their lap.

Has anyone ever seen or ridden one of these before? What can be done with it? The two steps on the back (assuming we’re oriented correctly) are confusing. We’ve been told that it looks like a weird sort of penny-farthing cycle. What do you think?



I have ridden something similar in the UK, which I believe were built in the 80’s. The front wheel was much smaller and also had a freewheel mechanism. To slow down you had to backpedal to engage the brake as per bikes in Holland.

The problem with this machine was the ease which you could accelerate and the difficulty in stopping quickly, you could either lean to steer or try backpedalling quickly before hitting the wall/person. I would definitely not want to use this near traffic, your machine on the otherhand has the inherent safety of direct drive to limit speed.