Still no good at freemounting, but I’ve got the uniselfie down :smiley:

This is also the longest ride I’ve done so far: About 3 miles total and very few (<5) UPDs.



At the Kinetic Sculpture Race:

I don’t want to sound star-struck but… Are you the Neversoft guy? I’ve always wanted to tell you how much more fun you made the Tony Hawk games!

What is this kinetic sculpture race? Interested to see others as well as your full costume! :smiley:

From 2013 :slight_smile:

Heh. No, mistaken identity. His eye was blue.

Kinetic Sculpture races (and in particular, the Kinetic Grand Championship in Humboldt County, California) are a challenging, multi-modal course for human powered artistic sculptures. Obstacles tend to include sand, mud pits, and water crossings. The KGC is a three-day, 38-mile stage race, with about 2 miles of sand and two water crossings; regional kinetic races are usually one-day affairs.

As for the costume, that’s it, man. You try riding 38 miles on a unicycle with an eyeball head and a kayak on your back, that’s plenty of challenge.


Good to see Tholub wearing protective head covering. lol!

That costume is quite, ahem! EYE catching. Well done Tholub.

Wasn’t trying to downplay your costume, just wanted to see the whole thing :wink: I love the eyeball wheel too!

Those races sound awesome. I’ll be thinking for days on what my costume would be! :smiley:

That remind me for something …

The answer to the question, how hot does it have to be for me to consider not wearing elbow and knee pads, is 102F

Wow, now that’s tough! Still able to ride with a skewered ball

The clearest one i got on this section, put my Go Pro on a length of seatpost I’d had to cut down and put it on time lapse. It worked better for taking photos than for filming



Not exactly skilled in the art of selfies

Halfway through my longest ride. 2.7 miles


Nice spring ride with my daughter on the road- her smile says it all :). She did 4.5 miles on her 20"!

I hoped to get one during the Bristol WNBR yesterday, but with my phone not being particularly accessible (in a bag strapped to my seatpost along with a pair of shorts) I didn’t have much opportunity and with me not being practised at taking selfies the few opportunities I had didn’t work out.

Still, I put some practice in on the way home and managed to get this. Alas the yike didn’t make it into the photo.

Went to the post office today and bought a box, but realized after riding around with it that the wind would force the box (and me!) in directions I did not want to go! It was a bit scary, but a fun challenge nonetheless. :slight_smile: Here’s my selfie.

After a great trials session. :slight_smile: