I thought I’d start a selfie thread, so here’s a picture of me with my 36er, taken today.

Best thread idea ever. :slight_smile: Me road riding my 29er.

Thanks Bwrightback.

Bri, you have better coordination than I do. Me posting a pic like that would be an invite to a trip to the ER… and then the Verizon store. :wink:

Haha I just discovered that the volume button takes pics on the iPhone…makes it significantly easier to take selfies. :slight_smile:

I just spotted this thread so no picture available. But here’s a handy tip for cell phone picture taking:

Most phone cameras take the picture not when you touch the (onscreen) shutter button, but when your finger releases it. This makes it a lot easier to line up your shot with your finger on the button, then let go when you’re ready to shoot. This supposedly also gives slower cameras a chance to focus and otherwise be ready to take the shot without a delay.

Note: Try it with your phone first. I think the iPhone 5 will take a bunch of rapid-fire pictures if you hold the button, and possibly the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 as well. Then again this may be adjustable in the settings…

Funny thread.

So I tried.

Easy one, next to the uni:

Bit more tricky, whilst riding. It made me very self conscious, and also scared of dropping the phone - as it didn’t have a protection… So I only rode about 15m like that!

Well done Pierrox. Bri sure raised the bar with her ‘selfie in motion’. I’ll have to do one of myself in motion too.

All of the cool kids are doing it. :slight_smile:

Selfie saturdays!!!

Nice one! Quite a view from up there…

May have posted this one before but it’s my best unicycle themed selfie…and it’s got adorable Labrador tongues in it too…


Nice photos everyone… challenge accepted :slight_smile:
Pierrox, don’t be too worry about the phone. It can crash without any special hit and it can survive landing on paved road at 70kph :wink:

Yesssss!!! Glad you posted this one. SUPER awesome shot. :slight_smile: It almost looks like you’re uni/slacklining :slight_smile:

Pretty busy while I’m riding, not much spare capacity for doing photography in the saddle so here’s what I could get. The second picture mostly missed my face but you can see a little joke that I put on my no-name helmet.



Great photo …
Glad I don’t suffer from vertigo. :slight_smile:

Ok, so it’s mine :slight_smile:
Uni selfie while racing offroad :slight_smile:

Here is one (or more) I posted earlier in the German forum.

Love it! (Would that be the full, or half stack? Plexi?)

I had a feeling you’d pick up on that, Lance. :slight_smile: Single-cab early '80s 100W JCM800 (2203) in the bedroom. Not everyone’s choice but it’s plenty loud if nothing else, like an industrial arc welder with leather-grain vinyl covering. </guitargeek>