Unisalg.dk Sponsorship Request

HI :smiley:

After a long time of filming editing and converting (did that like 8 times because of small things missing everytime :stuck_out_tongue: ) It’s done! The quality really sucks, but my camera SUCKS (I will buy a new one as soon as I can effort to buy one :wink: )! Unisalg.dk has lost a very good flatland unicyclist on their team (because he quited unicycling) so now they seek a new flat/street/trial unicyclist. Think it’s the last time I’m making such a long video.

realy nice, I hope you get the sponsor :roll_eyes: :smiley:

2:35 was cool! Lots of parts were cool. I looooooooove your creative style! And your still young, have LOTS of potential. I hope you get your sponsorship.

I liked all of the interesting and different tricks and lines you did. Very creative! And your unispins are really fast!

Yeah when I saw that I was all like “Ohhhhh!!!” like someone just told a great yo mamma joke.

Great video, gl with sponsor. If nothing else, you gained a subscriber from me. Keep up the good work!

Your unispins look so steezy on that flat uni! Pretty much everything was very creative.

Yeah dude, that what looking pretty ILL! Keep us posted on whether or not you get your sponsorship!

PS: no sweat if you don’t get it…I remember what my dad once told me, “son, don’t work where you play”. I used to teach climbing AND climb for a living, now I do it for fun.

Thanks :smiley: I’ve also dreamed about that flip since I learned Crankflip :stuck_out_tongue:

Well even though a sponsorship isn’t a work (well in some way it is, but I don’t think it like a work) I will remember that advice! :smiley:

very nice, the flip onto 4 pallets was sick. the creative flatland and flip tricks also! good luck with the sponsorship

Duuuude your vid was splendiferous!!

Hope you get your sponsor…Keep us posted :wink: