Uni's relaxing at home....

Ok so it took a year before I got any pics of my uni parking rack that I received last Xmas but finally… I borrowed a digital camera so here it is!

Al’right, your turn, submit your pic’s of your uni’s at rest!


three uni's.jpg

Re: Uni’s relaxing at home…

my pictures0001.jpg

They look so cute when they are sleeping

i’ll have to get my camera out…

Here’s most of the kids. I’ll get a better one during the day.

oh come on where are the giraffes


… or at the zoo

ah, you make a good point. Wouldn’t it be crazy to have that long of a neck.

Favorite relaxation spot…

Hurry up and start shipping those frames! How much longer is it gonna be?

Patience is a virtue. Learn it.

Here’s 3 of mine hangin’ out in their favorite room :smiley: :wink:

drunk unis.jpg

I agree

Some of these pics are quite artistic. :slight_smile: ill have to take a picture of mine later on tommorow


I’m not quite sure if that ones appropriate, ajp529 :smiley:

Unis hangin’ out


Buster and his friends.


Five unis and an obsolete children’s bike roosting in our garage, embarrassingly disordered. (The music room is finished but the remaining part of the garage isn’t up to specs yet.) Can you see all seven wheels in that heap? Parts of three other bikes visible but those are not counted.

Unlike the impression I get from some of your pics, this is real life.

Klaas Bil


Hey harper, what type of frames are those on the 24’’ (?) red one?