Unis on the Local News

The Gym Dandies were on the news tunite. They’re a big group of young unicyclists and jugglers in Scarborough Maine. I think Kaycee is or was a member. Apparently they’re going to be performing in the thanksgiving day parade in NY. I managed to record the whole segment for your viewing pleasure.


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Yep, we are going to be in the Macy’s day parade. About 60 of us are going we will be riding graiffes.

If anyone around there wants to meet up after I probally could. I would love to do some Muni, Trials, Street, or Cokering with anyone around.

that’s pretty spiffy, can’t wait to see it in the parade!!

something that I laughed at because I’m easily amused…

“I feel like I’m the center of the world… on top of the universe…”


This is gonna sound stupid… but what is the Macy parade

At first I thought that you may have been from another country, which was confirmed when I saw that you were from California.

Have you heard of the Tournament of Roses Parade?

It’s like that but instead of in California, it is out of NY. Huge parade, seen every Thanksgiving day morning on TVs everywhere. Floats, bands, Big character balloons on ropes etc


Thanks, hope everyone whos in it has FUN

This is a common misnomer people use in NY (and surrounding areas I guess). There is no such thing as Macy’s Day, a fact that I think even Macys freely admits.

Try Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

It’s about time there were some more unicyclists in that parade! I researched it when I was the club guy out there, but we never got ourselves a video of our group in a parade, which they required to let us in. It’s a parade, and a TV show.

Heh, I poked a little fun at her todaywhile doing a performance at a softy fair thing, but the news likes stuff like that.

They recorded that on Wednesday, I go on Thursdays. They put all the good and cool kids in the Thursday group.

Dose anyone have some ideas to get sum more money. We always do the normal fundraising stuff but any tips to get larger corporate type donations?

Please help us help you raise money by telling us what “the normal fundraising stuff” is…

If you have that many unicyclists… Setup an annual show in show in the summer. Rent out a building, and charge based on how much your spending. Otherwise… Send letters out to everyone in the area asking for money. Donations more than x amount of money get to see your show. This way they know their donations are going towards something.


We do shows all over the place and get some money that way, most of it goes towards gear though. We probably have over 100 giraffes and 150 CX or similar unis lots of juggling balls, about 10 rolling globes devil sticks delablos .ext we are always getting new stuff. We also have bottle drives, auctions, yard sales and other thing like that. What we want now is some company to sponsor us in exchange for some form of advertising.

Another idea I had would be if unicycle.com maybe donated money or gear. Almost every one is riding on CX and sun seats after 2 hours that’s painful and dangerous. After doing a 1 hour parade on a sun seat I compressed a nerve down there and got foot drop (couldn’t lift up my right foot at the ankle) for 6 months and spent a ton on MRI’s. If udc donated some of their branded KH seats that would be awesome. Or a money donation if we had their logo somewhere on our unicycles or cloths.