Uni's on car bike rack?

Hi there,
we are nearly beside ourselves with excitment because we will be
meeting our two new Semcycle XL uni’s down in Seattle in exactly one
week’s time! We are travelling down from Vancouver Canada and picking
them up at the Seattle Juggling Festival.
So, here’s what I wondered: will they fit on a regular car bike rack?
We have a Suzuki Sidekick and mounted on the spare tire at the rear of
the car we have one of those upside down “L” shaped bike rakes that
holds three bikes by clamping down the top tube of the bike. Can a
uni be clamped down while it is in the horizontal position I wonder?
And would it be hard on the frame/seat post to do this?
Sorry for these newbie questions but I hoped someone with a similar
rack could guide me so that I will know in advance if we have to
create some space in the car for our new toys or whether I can count
on carrying them back via the bike rack.


I always liked Unicycles because you didn’t need to put them on a bike rack. I’m betting that you already knew both of them wouldn’t fit and that’s why you’re asking in the first place, but I’m also betting they would fit just fine on a bike rack. (unfortunately I can’t even drive so I really don’t know for sure)

           --Hope I was at least some help,
               Jon Davis

Re: Uni’s on car bike rack?

Bring a pedal wrench as a backup. Once you’ve removed a uni’s pedals, it will
fit almost anywhere. Remember, left pedals loosen clockwise; right pedals
loosen counterclockwise.

David Maxfield
Bainbridge Island, WA

How about putting the uni on a rack like this:

In general the seatpost on a unicycle is not long enough to clamp it in horizontally in the type of rack you have. You might try hanging the uni upside down by the wheel.

David gave away the big secret for packing unicycles. Remove the pedals and they take up less space.


I went riding with both John Childs and David Maxfield a couple of times. We were going to ferry the unicycles so they wanted to take the pedals off to save space. They took mine off and threw them in the brush. Then, they both laughed wildly and yelled, “let’s see how fast you are NOW, Mr. Coker man!!” And they drove off. It was SOOooo embarassing. Be careful who you are with when you take your pedals off.

It was unfortunately a drastic situation and the only way I could think of to get you to stop using those plastic pedals.


The last time I said something against my old plastic pedals I got told off for it… bah!

Phil, just me


There is a picture of unicycles on a bike rack


it shows how the unis are hung upside down with the wheels a
above the rails of the rack. Take some bonji cords too.

Hope that helps. BTW, you would be surprised how little space they take up, especially if the unis are already taken apart.
just take the seat post out of the frame and then place in the back seat of the sidekick. Shove the seat post under the seat and remove the pedal. Are the uni’s assembled already?