Unis in the Rose Parade

Didn’t see any unis in the Rose Parade. I am going to research to see what is involved in getting in. Who all would be interested? I talked to a patient this week that used to do a lot a parades and a minimum number was sometimes needed. I think we should have all sizes, giraffes etc. If I get enough interest, I’ll make it happen! We’ll want to associate our group with a charity, Lance Armstrong?

Good luck getting Lance to ride a unicycle in a parade! :smiley:

Being a major, televised parade, it’s probably not so easy getting into the Rose Bowl one. For the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York, they used to require a videotaped “audition” for starters. My Long Island group never got one organized, so we never made it into that big parade.

You will also want to do at least one or two rehearsals before parade day. It’s much more interesting if your group has some riding strategies, and works out your traffic patters, in advance. Simple moves are snaking lines, figure 8’s, and riding in a side-by-side all the way across the street. This looks great if you put the tallest people in the middle and taper to the small ones on the ends.

I’m in. Keep us/me posted on your research results. If its a go, let us know when we can establish a routine.

I don’t think that’s going to happen…

This sounds like a great idea! It shouldn’t be hard to get in… a lot of unicyclists riding in formation is pretty impressive.