Uni's in Salt Lake City

Anyone know of any unicyclist groups in the Salt Lake City area?

Yes there is… kind of

If you are still in the SLC area and are looking for at least 1 other unicyclist, I would jump at the offer. Currently I’m a mechanical engineering major at the U and have been looking for like-minded people to ride with.

There are some tremendously dedicated riders in the greater SLC area, including Rolf Thompson, organizer of the world famous Moab Munifest.

It’s nice to know that there are some very dedicated riders in this area. But now the question is do they have some sort of gatherings other than the Moab Muni fesitval? Perhaps some sort of unicycle/street performance club?

I rode with Rolf and some of the local muni riders during a trip down a couple years ago. We did the Quarry Trail in Little Cottonwood. The sense I got at the time was that they never get together to ride. This was kind of the first ride they all did outside of Moab, and only then because Rolf tried to organize them since I was going to be in town.

Maybe there is an opportunity for you to start a local group. That way, it wouldn’t be so difficult to find riding mates the next time I’m in town. :slight_smile:

you might try BYU?

Utah roster
No idea who still rides or anything.

Also the map (everyone should be on this, but many aren’t)

BUMP… Calling all Utah Unicyclists!

Although we had a slight set-back with this little snow storm in the last 12 hours, Spring is on it’s way to Utah and I wanted to make a concerted effort to get folks together to ride here in the Salt Lake area again this year.

I mostly ride muni (BST, Pipeline, Wasatch Crest, Mid-Mountain, etc.) and I’ve ridden muni with several folks locally (and hope to again soon), but until the trails dry out, I’m not opposed to goofing around in Liberty or Sugarhouse park trying to learn a few new tricks.

If anyone out there would like to join me, just send me a PM and we’ll take it from there.

Oh yeah, I work downtown, and would be happy to get together after work 6:30 or 7 to ride for an hour or so, now that we’re back on daylight savings time.


UPD in Utah

(a.k.a. Bert)


Looks like Salt Lake Muni riders are multiplying in numbers. Might be time to organize a group ride soon. Stay tuned!


UPD in Utah

I’m down!

Sign me up! I’m in Utah county but I can come to Salt Lake no problem.

SLUG Muni Ride: Sunday, Nov. 3rd; Bonneville Shoreline Trail?

Salt Lake Unicycling Group (SLUG):

Killian (a.k.a. Keifer) and I have been talking about getting together to ride again and we finally settled on Sunday, November 3rd.

I’d like to show him the Bonneville Shoreline Trail (BST) from Morris Meadows to Emigration Canyon and back (above the Avenues and the U). I was also hoping to introduce him to Kaycee, Bryan, & Tom. And if JohnnyD can join us that would be awesome too. Everyone else is welcome to join. This is an out-and-back that starts out flat, so there is something for folks of all skill levels.

I see from my calendar that daylight savings time ends on November 3rd so I was thinking of a 1 p.m. start at the Morris Meadows trailhead (645 E. 18th Avenue, SLC).

So, who’s up for a ride on the BST?

UPD in Utah
(a.k.a. Bert)

BTW, I did 10 miles on the same section on Saturday and it was in great shape.

Totally in. Now, I just have to be able to actually ride that by then. Even after once or more a week over summer (it’s my backyard ride), I’m still stymied on the first climb. Guess I’ll have some jogging to do. :angry:

Not to worry, I’ll be walking the steeper bits with you!

I’d like to, but I’m still struggling on the double-track at Round Valley. I have a feeling BST will be over my head. :frowning: Nobody likes a ball-and-chain on a group ride, especially when I’d be both ball and chain.

…Alas, my progression riding a muni has been no where near as consistent as with my 19" uni on pavement. I kinda feel the muni rides me, rather than the other way around.

I love riding the little trials uni, and thus it usually gets more saddle time. The jury is kinda still out on if my Hunter muni is just too much of a beast for me. Gonna try a tire that weighs less than 2kg. :roll_eyes:

…Maybe next season for the BST, after umpteen more hours of practice.

Sounds good Bert! Totally stoked to hopefully meet some new guys and ride some new trail.

Bobsled comes off of this doesn’t it?


The Bobsled does come off of this part of the BST and I’ve ridden it several times on my old hardtail b*ke, but never on a MUni. If you want to give it a shot we should station someone at the top to warn bikers of slow moving 1-wheeled vehicles below, otherwise they’ll run you over. Just make sure your brakes are working, and consider wearing a bear bell.

But I’m really hoping that riders of all skill levels (including DirtDart ;)) show up and do what they can. We can break into two or three groups as needed, plus it’s an out-and-back trail so folks can turn around 0.5 or 7.5 miles into the ride and we’ll all end up back where we started. And the first half-mile is very flat and smooth. There’s also a bike jump park near the start, if you’d like to go see some awesome jumpers and try to get some air yourself.

So, calling all Utah Unicyclists and MUni riders:

Group Ride, Sunday, Nov. 3rd, 1 p.m., meeting at the Morris Meadows trailhead (645 E. 18th Avenue, SLC).

See you there!

UPD in Utah

Man, I’d like to try Bobsled, but I also don’t wanna die… :stuck_out_tongue: I’m just looking forward to meeting some other Muni riders…

Photos of the BST above the Avenues

Here are a couple of shots from two different rides on the same section of the BST with Nurse Ben (from TN) last January and Charly Oldie (from Austria) in Nov. 2011, to give you an idea what much of the trail looks like.



The Bobsled drops down from the notch on the left side of the second photo. Although it gets a lot steeper further down. I don’t think it would be that bad on a break-equipped MUni. We’ll see how things unfold.