unis for kids

My nine year old girls already ride but they need equipment. What should I buy?

torker CX is good for small young children

get the nimbus 16 inch trials great for kids to get more extreme on lol

and durable and if u get them soon the on specail offer. down to £99 from £130


Kris Holm 18". spend the money on a good uni and the kids are going to use it. a cheapo will not be as comfortable and they may quit. top shelf is top shelf for a reason.

i would agree that a cx is good for young children, and should be durable enough for someone at that age. but i would suggest that you get a torker lx if you can afford it. the components are more durable, and will last for years to come (for casual riding). if and when your children decide to progress to a higher level, they can choose a unicycle suited to the specific activity they would like to do.

The Unicycle Shop has them and will beat anyones price.

torkers are great starter unis in my experience

I’d go with nimbus 16" trials, cause when they get older and want to do trials and street you can part it out and still have a nimbus hub/seat/seat post to make a 20" trials

Like buying 1 1/2 uni’s.



18" wheel!


There are many to choose from here, or if you’re looking for something to last longer then the Nimbus 16" trials would be good (like kieron linked to on the UK site… but I couldn’t navigate my way around the USA unicycle.com to find it so I don’t know if it’s stocked there…).

:smiley: You should get this unicycle for them both. :smiley:

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