Uni's at work

All right, thanks to a momentary laps of judgement, I ducked in the back door of
my building last week still riding my uni that I had brought to practice over
lunch. The back door is only 50’ and one right turn from my lab and sure enough,
I round the corner and come face to face with some old guy just stepping out of
the restroom. Now I did not endanger this guys life I meerly startled him,but he
turned me in to corporate security. So, twenty minutes later there are five
guards coming the halls for some madman on a unicycle running down helpless
employees. Needless to say I wasn’t hard to find. I am the only one in the
building that rides. So they took my name and extension number and advised me
against doing it again and said they would have to tell thier superiors about
the incident. Well, that was almost two weeks ago and I haven’t been fired yet
so I am assuming it all blew over. Anyone else got any great stories about
‘inappropriate’ unicycling?


Re: Uni’s at work

> Anyone else got any great stories about ‘inappropriate’ unicycling?

I’ve found it hard to uni on the carpets here at work – the carpet pulls the
uni to one side. Could be the uni, thou.

The greatest fun I’ve had is schleeping parts from building to building via uni,
several times by holding a huge box impossible to see over (just around), and
several times by pushing a handtruck.

I’ve also gotten yelled at when I go whizzing past the security guards and onto
the manufacturing floor here… Not so much for the security part, but for the
danger of running over pedestrians and colliding with forklifts. >:)

At the last job I worked at, I had the occasional graveyard shift. Since the
buildings were all linked together and had nice long corridors, I often played
hide-n-seek with the guards at night. :slight_smile: 'Course, before you do this, it’s a
good idea to make friends with them…