Unis allowed in MTB race in upstate NY, US

I emailed the race director very politely, exhaustively explaining about muni and how we’d use proper trail etiquette (i.e. we’d let bikers pass us when need be) and not be total flailers making a mockery of her event, and I just received my long awaited reply…

“Come out!” was all she said. Woo-hoo!

So I signed up for the following race in Schenectady, NY (near Albany, NY - It’s about 2.5 hours due north of NYC and 3 hours due south of Montreal).

It’s at 9AM on Dec. 24 and here’s the link -

It’s a 3 mile MTB loop and the race is how many laps you can complete in two hours’ time. A nice workout, I’m thinkin’, and a far cry from the one-lap, flash-in-the-pan unicycle division of many other bike races.

I’d love to convince a few more folks to enter on unis. The exposure would be great for our sport. It’s not going to be too huge - I imagine only a few dozen riders due to it being the off-season, so I don’t think it will be too hectic.

I’m psyched! Anyone else?!?

I live in philly and I would love to come. Isn’t it gonna be cold though? I don’t have a problem with that. I’ll talk to my parents. If they say no, I’ll ride my unicycle all the way up there.

I’m probably going to be doing that ride with my friend on our mountain bikes (he doesnt unicycle… yet…). All I have is a coker really, and not having done much muni on it I don’t imagine the race is a good time to start, maybe I’ll bring it though. Probably see you there!

at least bring it. I’ve convinced my dad that a whole bunch of unicyclists are going to be there and this could be the chance for me to meet another unicyclist.

Hmm, Christmas Eve + 6 hour drive + finding someone to drive me + trying to clear customs with that person = probably not this time…


I fully understand. I’m just putting it out there and hoping some folks can make it. This was more aimed at NY city area folks.

I’d love to do that race, and, coincidentally, I’m going to be in NY from the 21st to the 30th!

The only uni that I’m bringing up there is my 20" trials though :frowning: …(it’s the only splined one I have)

Yeah. I would LOVE to come, but it just isn’t going to work out. Somebody needs his lisence… :roll_eyes:

hm…i’ll be really close to there. I only have a 20" trials though lol.

she didnt mean COME OUT of the closet did she.

sorry, crap joke.

i wish i was in NY :stuck_out_tongue:

If you were in NY, then I’d come out of the closet, otherwise, I’m staying in.

Boy, I would really like to go, but it’s awfully early, and it is a bit far (complain, complain), but it would also mean leaving chez moi at 6am, and that’s a bit tough even for me, esp’ly when followed by a 2-hour ride! Thanks for the info, and good luck.

Get a few unatics together and car pool! That way you can sleep while someone else drives. C’mon - a two hour race is worth it.

steveyo what size of uni are you using in this race?

I’ll be riding my only muni, a 2005 KH29XC with a non-stock tire: an ExiWolf 2.3. My pal Roland (forum name Rolandisimo) is also signed up and he’ll be riding his KH24XC. We don’t know the course so we’re not sure whose uni is more appropriate.

Are you coming here from Utah to ride or are you in the area, or are you just curious?

Just curious. I want to start muniing so bad though but all I have is a trials. But I will start on that in the mountains by where I live.

How would a Coker do on this course? Any idea?

Sorry, but I don’t know the course. It’s in a park near where I grew up and there are no huge hills, but could be some short steeps, and they could certainly be muddy.

Does this mean we may see a NYC contingent?

Just bumping this thread one last time before the weekend. Any Muni -rider within a couple hours drive should take advantage of a nice informal 2-hour single-track race. There’s two Munis so far.

C’mon people!