uniryder777...impressive pics

Nice gallery pics! You gave me some ideas to try out.


Well done, obvious talent!

Ya, I had the same reaction… check out the thread 777 opened on the gallery, HERE.


Viewing these images may cause random acts of unicycling and forgoten ties.


Thanks for checking out my gallery!! Hey by the way… Does anyone have any tips for hopping on the wheel? I can get off my pedals and get back on them but if I try to hop I tend to have to jump off. Any advice?

Anyway, thanks. I’ll be putting more up next week.

just jump off the wheel and aim both feet for both pedals. it helps to be able to do uni-spins. also, you just have to go for it and make sure you’re cranks are horizontal and you wearing pads.

Good Luck!!


I can get onto the wheel and off onto the pedals like you said but once I get onto the tire, hopping seems impossible. I was advised a while ago to keep my legs away from the seat and that kind of helped but if you have any other suggestions, I will try them. I ride with the seat pretty low for my height and I thought that maybe that would be a problem. Is that a possibility?

ya you could try putting your seat up a bit, also try to lock your legs straight when hopping on the tire and just pogo. And be sure to have both you feet exactly on either side of the crown, because if there’s any space the wheel will move around and you’ll probably have to stop.

that’s pretty much it,
hope that helps,


Is this any easyer with shorter cranks than loger ones? I figure it would give you a tighter target with less variety of targets for your feet…?


I like the chest riding with “wings.” I’ve never seen it done like that before. It looks a lot cooler than normal seat on stomach riding.


Maybe smaller cranks would help. I don’t think I’d use them anyway though. Your speed is already diminished by the use of the ultra thick 20 inch tire. With the small cranks you’d never have the thrust to get anywhere.
Question: Who holds the seat with one hand while chestriding? Does anyone? I think I do normally… I can’t remember. I haven’t ridden in a few days because its getting cold. I really should rebel against the weather and get out there tomorrow!

I was under the impression this was not the case, and that, in fact, the opposite was true (less torque, more speed). Maybe no, maybe so?


man… I feel sheepish… I guess your right about the cranks. But it definately would be harder to get up hills…