Unirogue 3 filming through UK


ill be starting filming after I get back walking. So…

what im asking is, Im planning unirougue 3 to have lots of differnt riders in from the Uk. So if you have some nice places to ride and not too far to travel, I live in North Yorkshire. Nearest big town is Darlington. So ill be willing to travel about to film differnt people.


That’s awesome Trev, Unirouge 1 & 2 are some of my favorite online videos… hopefully #3 will be just as good.

Excellent, make sure you get lots of that great freestyle in there.


If your back on both feet by 21st May you are very welcome to come and film at the SW uni meet. Its good chance to get some of the south west riders like Lucas, Amanda, Bishop and Matt. North shows up occasionally too.


Hey,that sounds great,but,were are unirogue 1 & 2?I must have missed those…they’re online?

Hope your walking(and riding)again soon.

you know where I live :stuck_out_tongue:


Sorry Sarah im not planning to go to any unimeets are juggling things for a while im running out of money so cant go to any till i get back to work :s.
How much was petrol to get up and down from exeter? it would cost about same for me.

Joe yes i do know where u live :stuck_out_tongue:

Erm unirogue is on Here
Link to it some where on there.

there will be alot more freestyle and juggling and other random stuff.

I am already walking :slight_smile: i shouldnt be but i feel comftable to walk slowly which means i can drive again :slight_smile: