Unirogue 2 Finished

Unirogue 2 has been completed and put onto the internet, (Thnx Joe)

Its a video me and a friend have been working on for about 8 months on and off, Its mostly trials and a bit of gliding and stuff.

I have used Divx to encode the video seen so it was the smallest and best compressor i cud find.

Here is the link. It has been sectioned out into four parts for easy downloading.


Tell me what you think, Comments will affect Unirogue 3 :wink:



So many videos, so slow a modem…

The previews looked good… I’ll see in about an hour… :roll_eyes:


I just finished watching it. Awesome! I was wondering if it would be possible to make available a single higher resolution file. I don’t care much about size. If it’s too big to upload, could you mail me a cd/dvd with it? I’d pay.


Re: Unirogue 2 Finished

Nice job! That’s some great riding and filming.



Awesome film, Trevor!

I like the backflips, standup pull gliding shots and wigs!

Have you mastered coasting down steps yet? I recall a video of you doing 3 steps and very almost making it.


I bow before your great power.

I was extremely impressed by the skills shown in that vid! you surpass my humble group of street riders by far. It is people like you that will appear in street unicycling mags in years to come remembered as the visionaries and the true underground. And I must say that in many ways, I liked your vid even more than the stuff on www.cleardrear.com with Dan Doerkson. He may be better than you but your personality and your fire to try new stuff far outdoes his skill. Are you guys with the people who did On One Wheel or was I just seeing things when I recognized the gym from that film? If so, no wonder your so good.

3 thumbs up from INSANE FILMS and insane.unicyclist.com. Make a DVD and contact me when you do at freethegerbils@juno.com

Never stop riding!

Yeah, and make one at a higher rez…oops already said that. :roll_eyes:

I’m assuming that there is a unirogue 1. If so, where is it?


I’m only 3/4 of the way throuhg downloading it but I’ll make my comments now because I’m sure the rest will be just as awsome. Great job guys! I can’t believe noone else has commented yet on the unicycle.com animation at the start. It’s utterly amazing!

Since you wanted constructive criticism, I’ll raise a couple of points about what I’ve seen so far but keep in my that I reckon it’s a really good movie. In the first segment I thought there was a bit too much dropping and it got a bit monotonous. The only other thing was how it got too dark quite often. In those weather conditions it must be difficult to avoid but it made it a lot harder to see some of the movie.

Awsome work guys. It’s definately worth the 2 years it’s taken so far to download.


Re: Unirogue 2 Finished

stunning stuff
great riding
good filming
killer soundtracks (we’ll forgive the ‘dont worry be happy’):wink:
and i especially liked the pace of the opening sequences in particular

i would still like to see protection being worn by the rider
(yeah, i know, i’m the token mother grundy around here)
if u’re gonna go to this much trouble to put out as fine a product as that, u might as well go the whole hog and be a good example
i’d hate your next movie to feature a vegetable-u unable to clear a step in your wheelchair

there r a lot of movies floating around at the moment
we have the technology
it’s great to see people using it
i’m just waiting for the first movie that’s different
i dont quite know what i want
i just want a movie to make me go ‘wow!’
like the video for ‘sledgehammer’ did many moons ago to the music video
dont get me wrong
i’m not critisizing what’s being made
i’m just looking forward to the kubrick of uni-movie makers to come take my breath away

Well for the people that wanted a higher res copy, i wont be home for about 3 months or so and even then i dont have cable, I did make a higher res copy but its abut 250 mb and its on a cd, and theres only 5 copys. I live in the Uk for those people that actually wanted a dvd copy… ill have to see what i can do when ive finished college.

There is a unirogue 1 but theres only 2 cd copys in the world and i dont really want to give it out seen so it was a really shoddy copy.

I will master coasting down steps when i make a trails unicycle i can actaully coast on, the onza i have right now is pretty fecked.

And im sorry bout the bob marly bit at the end i thought it was :wink: but my dad said it was sum other person when we had completly finished it.

Thanks to you all that have commented

great video! i love how you merge screw ups and random shots with everything. it looks and feels more natural that way and makes you guys look all the more extreme. my favorite was the coasting section, that was just excellent.