Unirogue 1 Video

Ive eventurly put up unirogue 1 for the people that want to see it, its bout 10mb



opps link

why don’t you put Unirogue 2 on aswell, I’m sure it’ll b equally as good if not better, there is a Unirogue 2, right?

Yes there is a unirogue 2 and its alrdy on uniyclist.com gallery

go n post a link 4 it please, I’m interested to in seeing more of your work


Theres Unirogue 2


Nice. I’m jealous.

You gave me the greatest(and not so smart) Idea. I almost wish i hadnt tried it but when i saw you backflip off your unicycle i had to try so i went out on my 24"er and tried to do a backflip on it on my trampoline but fell back and let the tire conk me in the forehead. Ill do it right when my new trials comes. Awwww wheres the aspirin.

edit:nice vids by the way i watched them all and it gave me a few more good ideas.

I’ve got a strange playback error with all four parts. Each of them starts playing fine, but as soon as the second scene comes up, the image freezes while the sound and the ruler continue to the end. Unirogue 1 plays fine. Do I need a newer codec or what?

Klaas Bil

Hey Klass, all i can remember about encoding it was i put it in divx, nothing special though.

Thnx for the comments

I did a front flip off a trampet today :slight_smile: was fun, was on my freestyle as well