I made a post about a week and a half ago about an idea to unicycle across the country for charity. This idea, when faced with actual info in numbers like the number of miles and the number of months, seemed extremely unlikely. So another idea that memphis mud and john foss came up with was unicycling a certain distance, just joining in on the ride. But I don’t want to be away from home for 6 months while unicycling across the country, so my idea is that you would unicycle across a state, the trail would go from Washington to Florida, so you could go to a state that would have people unicycling across it and then go to the border of your state and it would be cool if we could find a trail so that we could literally form a line and meet up with the next people on the border of their state.

If you would be interested in maybe participating for summer 2006 or if you have any ideas on how I could get this idea rolling. And maybe how to get some supplies such as cokers and gunis for a discount, because I don’t have an extra 330 dollars to shell out. We would also get sponsors and donate the money to charities. The idea was originally for hurricane Katrina but I realized that I couldn’t set out, training would be necessary. I live in Colorado so the mountains would be pretty tricky. If anybody wants to participate or help out, or knows how to get sponsors or set this up, because I don’t want it to become totally chaotic, a roster would be nice, and a little bit of a reality check if you see some sort of flaw.

i suppose i could do michigan if my mom okayed it or i could do like part of florida, but are you gonna have one person go through all of florida or what?

habbywall posted:


Well, if somebody wanted to or one person could go a certain distance, then another person could pick up from where they stopped.