Unirally! cheap.

I am not sure if anyone will be interested but it is here on Ebay for not much monies at the moment. Australian Ebay that is.

If i was not a sega chillin’ instead of Nes i would purchase it.

That looks cool but apparently it isn’t an interesting game. :thinking:

For those too tight to spend 99c on it, have a look here


That game is amazing!

I remember I played uniracers on the SNES alooong time ago… It used to be my favorite game before I’ve ever even seen a unicycle… kinda weird… :astonished:
Maybe it’s my destiny to be a unicyclist!!! :smiley:

that is a great game! so much fun. Your thumbs start to hurt after awhile though.

I played Uniracers at Ontario Place a loooonnngggg time ago on a huge TV screen.

‘Uniracers’ is so much of a better name than ‘Unirally’ because every time I see ‘Unirally’ I think it says ‘Urinally’. :thinking:

BTW, I played the game back when it came out for the SNES. Too bad I didn’t learn to unicycle back then.