I was just watching TV and noticed a commercial for Uniracers. It was the first
I had actually seen of it and thought it looked cool. The commercial was your
typical NES, Sega, etc. commercial with Uniracers as the game. Whatever. Though
y’all might be interested since I live in Atlanta and haven’t seen much of
anything about unicycles around.

JIP (Juggle In Peace) A man is talking to the Lord, trying to fathom His
infinitude. “Lord,” he asks, “what’s a million years to you?” “A million years
is a second to me,” the Lord explains. “And a million dollars?” A penny, the
Lord replies. “Lord,” the man proceeds to ask, emboldened, “would you give me a
million dollars?” “Sure,” the Lord replies. “Just a second.” (From COLORED
PEOPLE, 1994, by Henry Louis Gates, Jr.)