I’m not sure if anyone has heard of the old video game Uniracers but it is a ton
of fun! I can’t believe someone actually took the time to produce this game.
Sure its not exactly like riding a unicycle…it’s still fun. If you want to try
downloading it here: http://www.emuinfinity.com/snesu.htm just click on the game
that says, “uniracer”

You will need to download a emulator to make it work though from here
http://www.emuinfinity.com/emulators/console.htm scroll down to snes section.
I’d recommend the second one down, Snes9X ver 1.24 win, I believe it’s called.

to play the game just open the emulator up click on file go down to open then
select uniracer.

I thought it was cool.


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