UNIque Unicycle Combination!!!

I have installed a HoggyG tire (24"X3.45" slick) on my KH24 Muni-Yuni. This is for summer road riding, but mostly for the July 4th Parade in Gatlinburg, TN.

Here is my plan: The KH 24 wheelset has the original 170mm cranks. I want to switch the 140mm cranks (Man-o-War) from my summitt and install them on the KH 24 wheelset.

Is this “doable”? Any problems? I plan to make the switch on Thursday morning. Should I or shouldn’t I? BTW, there are no big hills on the parade route. I think it would work good. --chirokid–

PS: The Summit with 170mm cranks would sure be a pedal slammer, would it not!!! :smiley:

There shouldn’t be any problems. Even if there were hills, 140 on a 24 with a slick tire should be able to take most of them. I take rather large hills with my Hookworm 26er with 127s often in bike rides. You might find that you like 140s better for light MUni as well. :smiley:


The problem I had last year was the Parade moves so slow, I was always having to circle around. Of course, I couldn’t idle but I don’t think in our parades the 140’s would be much benefit. Not to mention, you will leave your daughters in the dust.

I use my fireball for such events. Where did you get the Hoggy G and what did it set you back? Not that I need one, I have 2 fireballs as it is.:smiley:

I run 150’s on my MUni and love them. The biggest problem with parades is they move soooooooo slow or start and stop, as bugman pointed out. The 140’s would probably be too fast for that type of riding. I’d wait until after the parade to switch cranks